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Science Final

A testable prediction about a possible solution to a problem is called ________. Hypothesis
A factor in an experiment that changes from the manipulation of the independent variable is the ______________. Dependent Variable
A factor that does NOT change in an experiment is a __________. Constant
In an experiment testing the amount of sunlight that is best for plants, a plant that receives no sunlight is the _______. Control Group
The _____ is the source of all energy in our atmosphere. Sun
There are __________ molecules of air at high elevations, so air pressure is less. Less
The Process of Water Vapor to a liquid is called __________. Condensation
Which of the following is not a producer? pine tree,Tulip, Grass, Honeybee Honeybee
Active Trasport occurs when _________ is used to move substances through a cell membrane. Energy
The passive transport of water through a membrane is _________ osmosis
Animal Cells do not have ________. Chloroplasts
The chromosomes in the nucleus of a cell contains a code know as ________. DNA
In ________ a body regrows and may form a new organism. regeneration
In a punnett square a capital represents a ________ allele. Dominant
When a newspaper is left in sunlight for a few days, the paper turns yellow. The color is evidence of a ____________. Chemical Change
__________ is the rate of change in position. Speed
The Force that opposes the motions is ___________. Friction
A kite stuck in a tree has _______ energy. Potential
A green plant has _______ energy. Chemical
A burning fire produces ________ energy Light, Heat
The form of energy in fossil fuels is __________ energy. Chemical
The energy transfer for a lightbulb is __________. Electric to light
The control center of the cell is the __________. Nucleus
The powerhouse of the cell is___________. Mitochondria
Match AGCT A-T C-G
The energy transfer for a radio is ____________. electric, sound
The storage center of a cell is the _________. Vacuole
A positive charge particle is a____________. Proton
Using the letter T what would be heterozygous genotype? Tt
What is the major source of energy for all living things? Sun
Photosynthesis produces what gas? Oxygen
Photosynthesis transfers what energy? Light to Chemical
What happens to energy as it flows through a food chain or web? As it travels down the food chain it looses energy
What Happens in cell respiration? breaks down food : in mitochondria
Created by: kespires