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MA Boiler Questions

Questions for MA fireman's and engineer's license

Convection Heat transfer through fluid medium of liquids or gases
Radiation Heat transfer by light waves
Conduction means Heat transfer by direct molecular contact
1 in. Hg =psi 0.491 psi
1 psi = Feet of Water 2.31 ft
1 Foot of Water = psi 0.433 psi
1 hp = kW 0.746 kW
1 hp = ft-lb/min 33,000 ft-lb/min = 1hp
1 hp = Btuh, Horsepower Hour 2,545 Btuh = 1 hp
1 kW = hp 1.34 hp = 1 kW
1 kw = Btuh 3,413 Btuh = 1 kW
1 gal. = in3 231 in3 = 1 gal.
1 gal. = lb water 8.33 lb water = 1 gal.
Cubic foot of water = gallons 7.48 gallons = 1 cubic foot of water
Cubic foot of water = square inches 1,728 square inches = 1 cubic foot of water
1 Boiler horsepower = evaporation Evaporation of 34.5 lb water/hour from and at 212° F to steam = 1 boiler horsepower
1 Boiler horsepower = BtuH 33,475 Btuh = 1 boiler horsepower
°F = °C (°C x 9/5) + 32 + °F
°C = °F 5/9(°F-32)
How many Btu does it take to raise 1 lb of water 1°F One Btu raises 1 lb of water 1°F
1 Btu = ft-lb of work 778 ft-lb of work = 1 Btu
Atmospheric pressure = lbs 14.7 lbs atmospheric pressure at sea level
Atmospheric pressure = maximum water column 34 feet. Atmospheric pressure, 14.7 lb, will sustain a water column 34 ft high
Maximum column of mercury,)Hg) @ atmospheric pressure 29.92 inches Atmospheric pressure, 14.7 lb, will sustain a column of Hg a maximum of 29.92 inches
Area of a circle = 0.7854d² --- Diameter Squared times 0.7854
Circumference of a circle = πd --- 3.14 x diameter
Torque = (5,252 x hp)/rpm = torque
Btu per lb of oil = 17,780 + (54 x API gravity) = Btu per lb of oil
Heating value of coal = 14,000 Btu per lb = coal heating value
Heating value of fuel oil = 19,000 Btu per lb = heating value of fuel oil
Btu per lb of oil = 17687 + (57.7 x API gravity)
Longitudinal Stress = pd/4t = longitudinal stress
Circumferential stress = pd/2t
For what types of services are pumps used in a power plant? In a power plant pumps are used for general utility service, cooling water, boiler feed, and lubrication.
What pumps are required in a basic steam power plant cycle? A basic power plant cycle requires 3 types of pumps, a condensate pump, a boiler feed pump, and a circulating water pump.
Condensate pump - describe its purpose. A condensate pump transfers condensate from the condenser hot well to the deairator.
Boiler feed pump - describe its purpose. A boiler feed pump pumps feedwater from the feedwater heaters to the economizer or boiler steam drum.
Circulating water pump - describe its purpose. A circulating water pump provides cooling water through the condenser to condense the exhaust steam from the turbine.
What are the two major categories of pumps? DYNAMIC and DISPLACEMENT: DYNAMIC such as centrifugal pumps in which energy is continuously added to increase fluid velocities, and DISPLACEMENT such as reciprocating pumps in which energy is added periodically
Which high pressure boilers are exempt from Chapter 146 licensing requirements? 146, 46 Exemptions, < 9hp, locomotives, private residences, motor vehicles (ships), apartment houses with less than 5 units, under US jurisdiction, agriculture, limit device <=15lbs
Which boilers require periodic attendance? Boilers and engines between 9 to 250 hp in the aggregate require periodic attendance unless otherwise exempt.
Which boilers require noncontinuous attendance? Boilers and engines between 251 to 500 hp in the aggregate require noncontinuous attendance unless otherwise exempt.
Which boilers require continuous attendance? Boilers and engines of 501 hp in the aggregate shall require continuous attendance unless otherwise exempt.
How long can an owner operate a boiler without having a licensed person in charge? One week, the owner cannot operate a boiler, engine, or its appurtenances for more than seven days without having a licensed person in charge.
Define continuous attendance. Continuous attendance is manned attendance by a licensed operator during all times of operation. It applies to boilers above 500 hp.
Define periodic attendance. Periodic attendance is applies to boilers of 9-250 hp. A licensed engineer performs daily maintenance and remains in the same building as the boiler, boiler has automatic shut-down devices. Visits to boiler are recorded in department log book.
Define noncontinuous attendance. Noncontinuous attendance applies to boilers of 251-500 hp. In addition to the duties of periodic attendance a remote monitoring station must be in place that can shut the boiler down and a licensed operator shall inspect the boiler 4-6 times per shift.
What is the maximum external diameter for a steam supply pipe for a turbine of less than 9 hp. 1 3/4": A steam turbine engine shall be rated at less than 9 hp when the external diameter of the steam supply pipe does not exceed 1 3/4".
What is the maximum external diameter for a steam supply pipe for a 50 hp turbine? 3 1/2": Turbines are rated up to 50 hp when the external diameter of the steam supply pipe exceeds 1 3/4" and does not exceed 3 1/2".
What is the maximum external diameter for a turbine over 50 hp, but not more than 150 hp? 5": A turbine will be rated over 50 hp and up to 150 hp when the external diameter of the steam supply pipe exceeds 3 1/2", but does not exceed 5".
How many BTU's in a boiler horsepower? 33,475 Btu in one boiler horsepower bhp. 34.5 x 970.3= 33,475.35
Define boiler horsepower? One boiler horsepower is the evaporation of 34.5lbs of water at 212°F to 34.5lbs of steam at 212°F. (note output is 80% of input so 41840x.8=33,472)
Btu in a horsepower hour 2,545
Btu in a Kilowatt hour, kWh 3,413
What is required to sit for a 3rd engineer’s license? Must be Citizen or filed declaration, Training & experience. Employed as Engineer, Fireman, Auxiliary, Control Operator, Assistant, Watertender, at least 1 ½ Years. Held and used 1st Fireman’s , Merchant Marine , or other State at least 1 year.
Created by: RagweedFarmer
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