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ethics test 2

test 2

american association of opticians --> american optical association --> american optometric association 1919 1898
first state law regulating the practice of optometry was passed in ___ minnesota
___ US supreme court holds that states may rightfully regulate the practice of optometry thru licensure, establishing the consitutional basis for an independent profession mc naughton v baldi
____ awards the first O.D degree PCO
____ becomes the last jurisdiction to enact an optometry law district of columbia
___ becomes the 1st state to define optometry as a learned profession arkansas
1st DPA law, __ enacts the first law taht expressly authorizes the use of opthalmic pharmaceutical agents for diagnostic purpose by optometrist rhode island
1st TPA law, ___ legislature enacts the 1st optometry bill expressly allowing teh use of drugs for therapeutic purposes west virginia
can be described as the process by which an agency of gov grants permission to an ind to engage in a given occupation upon finding that the applicant has attained the minimal degree of competency necessary to insure that the public health, safety, & welfa licensure
usual minimum requirements min age, evidence of good moral character, US citizenship
___ is the most restrictive form of government regulation, it diff than registration and certification licensure
Created by: rajal2010