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Health Final

What are the ABCs? Airway, Breathing, Circulation
Carbon Monoxide is a deadly _______? Carbon Monoxide is a deadly gas that you cannot smell.
What are the 3C? Check, Call, Care
What is a ligament? A ligament is a connective tissue that holds two bones together.
Will standard safety precautions increase or decrease your chances of getting a disease? They will decrease your chances.
If you have a severe pain in your chest which body systemswould most likely be causing the pain? Cardiovascular, Circulatory.
What is the definition of Health? Your bodies (1) physical, (2) mental, (3) social and (4) emotional well being.
The definition of Health is problems dealing with (1) mental, (2) social and (3) emotional problems? True or False. False, Health is Your bodies physical, mental, social and emotional well being.
Effective ways of dealing with anger are: relive the anger by exercising, tell yourself the anger will not last forever, speak with someone you trust about anger. True or False. True
Name 2 examples you would call 911. Chest Pain, Heart attack, trouble breathing, severe bleeding.
You a re more likely to develop skin cancer because of family history and __________. The more Sun Burns you get the higher the risk of getting skin cancer.
A cycle of CPR would be ______ chest compressions and __ breaths. 30 chest compressions and 2 breaths.
Name 3 foods that have empty calories(no nutrients). cookies, drinks, alcohol, soda
How can you improve your body image? Exercise, eat healthly foods and portion sizes.
Name 3 proteins. Meat, beans, fish, nuts
Name 3 carbohydrates? Rice, bread, pasta, veggies, fruits.
Identify ways people bully others. Shunning, Mean Words, Physically hurting,
Created by: WTR11754