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Final Exam Vocab

Clarity being clear
Restore return to former condition
Excel excellence
Bungalow one-storied house
Organism living thing
Original new or previously unthought of
Organize to put in order
Slalom Skiing in a zigzag motion
Security Freedom from danger
Bravery Courage
Voluntary Freely Chosen
Certainty condition of being free from doubt
Supervise Oversee
Optimism Positive Attitude
Adapt Adjust to change
Vocalize Speak
Poncho Sleeveless jacket
Enclosure To keep in space
Minimize Reduce in size
Inspiration Sudden insight
Passage A way through
Crime Violation of the law
Loyalty Faithful
Honorary Having distinction
Reduction taking away
Benefits Advantages
Comrades Companions
Enrich to add greater value or significance to
Foreigners strangers
Democracy Government ruled by the majority
Architecture Art and science of a building
Ideal Perfect
Renewed New
Renowned Famous
Squire Knights Helper
Misfortune Bad Luck
Extract Take out
Characteristics Distinctive
Corrode Gradually wear away
Access Freedom to use
Lush Fertile
Authority Power
Obstacle Hurdle
Generated Produced
Transmitted Sent
Converts Changes
Aliens Beings not from Earth
Hospitable welcoming
Universal Existing Everywhere
Refrain avoid
Created by: Reagan Tinsley
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