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Unit One

The average weather over a period of time, usually a year Climate
The condition of the atmosphere at a particular place and time Weather
What is Tierra Caliente, Tierra Templada, Tierra Fria, Tierra Helada, and Tierra Nevada. Vertical Zonation
Winds at the Equator Doldrums
Mountains that are too high for rain to go over Rain Shadow
Seasonal winds in South and Southeast Asia Monsoons
Tropical Storm in the Atlantic Ocean or east of the international Date Line Typhoons
The super continent Pangaea
The theory that the continents were once together but then drifted apart Continental Drift Theory
Earthquakes are measured by the _______________. Richter Scale
What sea is located in Russia and up untill 1960 was the 4th largest sea in the world? Aral Sea
Which dam is along the nile river and helps irrigate the land? Aswan High Dam
Connects two bodies of water. Canals
What is a man made area to store water? Reservoirs
_____ _________ is used to to farm on the side of mountains. This way of farming looks like steps. Terraced Farming
Loss or destruction of forest. Deforestation
Desertification Process were land becomes desert like.
Places on the earth that share unifying characteristics. Region
Countries that have certain traits in common. Cultural Region
Defined by common characteristics, such as product produced----Corn Belt. Formal Region
Central place and the surrounding area Functional Region
Popular feelings and images rather than by objective data. "Heartland" Perceptual Region
The world's largest desert. It is in Africa Sahara Desert
Is on North Russia and Canada. Has Coniferous Forest in the subartic. And is half of the world's softwood timber. Taiga
Areas of lush vegetation in tropical region's. It is found near the equator and is suffering from deforestation. Rainforest
Tornado Ally Great Plains
Parts of the world that are below sea level. Examples: Netheralands Low Countries
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