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2016 Final Exam

2016 Spring Final Exam - 6th Grade Science

Seconds are the unit of measure for ___________ time.
Meters per second is the unit of measure for ___________ speed.
KM is a unit of measure for ______________ distance.
If an object took 5 minutes to travel 40 meters, what is the object's speed? 8 meters per minute (8 m/min)
Is an object accelerating if it is traveling at a constant speed? An object traveling at a constant speed is NOT accelerating because the speed is not changing.
What type of ramp provides the greatest mechanical advantage? A ramp that is long and not too steep will provide the greatest mechanical advantage when work is being done.
How does a pulley make lifting the weight seem easier? A pulley will change the direction and/or the amount of force required for work.
What boundary exists where two tectonic plates are sliding past each other? transform boundary
What boundary exists where two tectonic plates are colliding together? convergent boundary
What boundary exists where two tectonic plates are dividing apart from each other? divergent boundary
What landforms are created when two plates collide? Mountains, volcanic arcs, and trenches
What layer of crust contains tectonic plates? The lithosphere contains tectonic plates that shift over the asthenosphere.
What layer of the mantle contains convection currents that cause the tectonic plates to move? The asthenosphere contains convection currents that cause the plates of the lithosphere to move.
Magma cooled below Earth's surface forms intrusive igneous rocks
Lava cooled on Earth's surface forms extrusive igneous rocks
The rock cycle indicates that materials from all rocks can be used to make other rocks, no new matter is created or destroyed in the rock cycle, and rocks are formed from natural processes underground and on Earth's surface
Sedimentary rocks are formed when weathered and eroded sediments are compacted and cemented together.
What best explains the positions and movements of objects in our solar system? The Sun's gravitational pull causes planets to orbit around it and moons to orbit the planets.
What are goals of the future space program? The space program wants to send probes to the Sun, Mars, and the Moon. We also want to build a vehicle that can safely carry humans into deep space.
The mission of the Apollo program was to get a rocket and crew to the Moon and back to Earth safely.
What object is an artificial satellite that serves as a research laboratory for 16 nations? The International Space Station (the ISS)
What do all living things have in common? All living things are made of one or more cells. All living things grow, develop, respond to their environment, reproduce, and use energy.
What is the broadest group in today's classification system? Domain
There are 3 domains and then organisms are classified into 6 kingdoms
Which type of cell has no membrane-bound organelles? prokaryotic cells
Which type of cell has membrane-bound organelles? eukaryotic cells
How do autotrophs get their food? Autotrophs make their own food through a process called photosynthesis.
How do heterotrophs get their food? Heterotrophs obtain food by eating other organisms?
Created by: marybuchholz