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Matter Word 1-30

5th grade Science Vocabulary

Biotic Having to do with life or caused by living things
Abiotic Non-living things in an ecosystem (sunlight, air, weather, water, soil, eat.)
Matter Anything that has mass and takes up space
Energy The ability to cause changes in matter
Interact When something changes to something else
Photosynthesis The process of making their own food using energy from the sun
Properties Characteristics of a substance that can be observed
Vapor A substance that can be observed
Classify To arrange or organize according to the class or category
Mass The amount of matter in a object
Weight Measure of the pull of gravity on an object
Volume The amount of space a object takes up
System Things that work together to perform a function
Gravity The force that pulls all objects to earths surface
Variable Likely to change or vary
Constant Persistent, doesn't change or vary
Texture The way something feels: rough, smooth, ect.
Data Information gathered using measurements and observations
Evaporation The change of a substance from a liquid to a vapor (gas)
Condensation The change of a substance from a vapor to a liquid (clouds)
Run-off Access water that runs down hill to low
Precipitation Any form of water that falls from clouds; such as rain or snow
Transpiration The process which plants give back to the environment
Collection Water that runs down hill and gathers in other bodies of water such as lakes, rivers and oceans
Groundwater Water stored beneath the Earths surface
Particles A very small piece, or part
Atoms The smallest unit or part of all things
Hypothesis A scientific guess based on evidence
Penetrate To pierce, pass into or through
Sir Isaac Newton The scientists responsible for the laws associated with motion
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