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Marine Science CH15

Which are the characteristics of arthropods? Striated muscle, articulation of appendages and exoskeleton.
What animals discussed in class are considered to be a suspension feeders? Sponges
What class is comprised of nautiluses, octopuses, and squid? Cephalopoda
What is considered the most advanced animal phyla? Arthropods
Sharks, skates, and Rays belong to what class of fish? Chondrichthyes
What fish class includes bony fish species such as mackerel? Osteichthyes
Which worm has a segmented body plan? Phylum Annelia
What is the least successful vertebrate in the marine environment? Amphibians
What is considered the most primitive true animal? Porifera
Which phylum is found exclusively in marine habitats? Echinodermata
What is the transitional organism from invertebrates to vertebrates? Chordata
What adaptation have toothed whales developed for prey detection? Echolocation
What phylum contains sea jellies? Phylum Cnidarian
What makes up the greatest biomass of any species on Earth? Krill
Which phylum has the most number of species? Arthropoda
Which of the following is an invertebrate chordate? Tunicates or a sea squirts
What do the simplest vertebrate fish (Agnatha) lack? Jaws
What are the stinging cells present in cnidarians called? Cnidoblasts
What is an arthropod’s exoskeleton comprised of? Chitin
The manatees, dugongs, and sea cow are members of what marine mammal order? Sirenia
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