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ForHed wk 33

Sexual Health Terms 8th Grade

At what age can puberty start to change your body? 9-17
What is a hormone? chemical messenger
What is menstruation? the shedding of unneeded uterine lining
What is pregnancy? the condition of a woman who is carrying a baby
What is ovulation? the release of an egg
What is ejaculation? the release of millions of sperm
What is fertilization? the joining of one sperm with an egg
What is implantation? the fertilized egg attaching to the uterus
What is a zygote? the fertilized egg
Do teen parents have all the same responsibilities as adult parents? yes
What is difficult about being a teen parent? less education, less income, single parent
What consequences are more likely to affect children of teen parents? born premature, grow up without a father, poor health, abused or neglected
What is a human egg? the female reproductive cell
What is a human sperm? the male reproductive cell
What is the type of STD that cannot be cured? virus
What types of STDs can be cured with antibiotics? bacteria or protozoa
How many new cases of STDs occur in the U.S. each year? 20 million
How can a person have an STD and not know it? often no symptoms
What is the age of consent (saying yes) in Texas? 17
True or False: If someone said "yes" to sexual activity, that means it cannot be considered rape. False
True or False: Rapists and child molesters look weird and are easy to spot in a crowd. False
True or False: It is OK to meet with someone I met online. After all, we have been chatting for months. False
True or False: It's not rape if it's your boyfriend and he says he loves you. False
True or False: If a man spends a lot of money on a woman, he can expect sex. False
True or False: Having sex as a teen can mess up your entire life. True
True or False: People who respect and value you will not pressure you to do things that are wrong for you. True
True or False: Sometimes it is hard to say no, even when you know it is the right thing to do. True
True or False: It is OK to hurt someone's feelings if you are keeping yourself safe. True
True or False: Healthy relationships will help you reach your goals in life. True
True or False: Saying "you're stupid" to a friend is OK if you are kidding. False
Created by: foremanh71