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The empire. Quiz #2

latin emperors

Why had Claudius been passed over as emperor? Mentally handicapped
Where was he found by the praetorians? behind a curtain
Where was his great military conquest? Britain
Why did he have Messalina Executed? Because she tried to throw him off
Who killed Claudius? Agrippa
Hoiw was Claudius Killed? she posined him with his favorite food, mushrooms.
Who the emperor after Claudius? And what age was he? Nero/ 16
Who was nero's tutor? Senecca the Younger
What member of his(nero's) family did he have killed? his mother
What disaster did he probably cause? the Great fire of 64'
What is the Latin name for his famous palace? (nero's) Domus Aurea (golden House)
Who was blamed for the Great fire of 64'? the Christians?
Who was Poppaea? his pregent wife
How did Nero die? suicide
Which dynasty came to an end when he died? Julio- Claudian
Which year is know as "the year of the 4 Emperors"? 69
How many of the four emperors died violent deaths? 3
What is the name of the next Dynasty? Flauian
Who was the 1st emperor in this dynasty? Vaespian
What great building is he responisle for starting? Flauian Ampitheatre.
Who was the 2nd emperor in this Dynasty? Titus
What three disasters occurred during his (titus)reign? Vasuvious, The great fire of 80' and the Plauge
How was Titus' regarded by the people of Rome? beloved
How did Titus die? natural causes
Who was the last emperor of thiis Dynasty? Domision
name one building project he (domision) undertook. The temple of Jepiter
How was Domidion regaurded by the people of Rome? HATED
How did Domision Die? murdered by Stefanis
Created by: marquis