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A ___ is a dense collection of trees with a thick top layer of interlaced leaves called the ___. Forest and canopy
For us can be found in all Earth's regions capable of sustaining growth and all attitudes up to the ___. tree lines
The northern forests are divided into the ___ and the ___. Together they make up the largest Forest regions. Northern coniferous forest and Northern hardwood forest
The ___ contains the most variety of species of trees. Central broad-leaved Forest
The ___ Kama also called The Southern Oak Pine Forest, stretches across southern east America from Delaware to Florida and West to Oklahoma and Texas. Southern Forest
Covering 48 million Acres of Northern California, Oregon, and Washington and parts of Canada and Alaska is the ___. Included in the forest are 300 foot tall Redwood and giant sequoias that may reach 30 feet in diameter. Pacific coast forest
The ___ extends from Canada to Mexico. The commercial important trees in this region are varieties of pine like white, Ponderosa, and lodgepole. Rocky Mountain Forest
The last Forest region in North America is the ___. Tropical forest
___, the science of managing and studying forests and related natural resources, has helped to restore the forest. Forestry
A person who studies forestry is a ___. Forester
____ is the care and culture of forest trees. Silviculture
The ___ of the US Department of Agriculture monitors a forest and make sure that's private, Publix, and corporate landowners manage their Forest properly so as Not to cause environmental turmoil. Forest Service.
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