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Song School Latin Book 1

pater father
mater mother
frater brother
soror sister
femina woman
vir man
puer boy
puella girl
optime great
bene well/fine
vale good-bye
salve hello
Quid agis How are you?
Sum bene I am well/fine
magistra teacher female
discipuli student
Quid est tuum praenomen Tell me what your name is.
Meum praenomen est My name is _____________
pessime bad
mensa table
stylus pencil
liber book
casa house
porta door
murus wall
fenestra window
audi listen
audite listen to more than one person
tace be quiet
amabo te please
tibi gratias ago thank you
ignosce mihi excuse me
canis dog
feles cat
equus horse
piscis fish
leo lion
avis bird
ursa bear
elephantus elephant
auris ear
nares nose
oculus eye
os mouth
manus hand
pes foot
caput head
corpus body
panis bread
fructus fruit
lac milk
crustulum cookie
pullus chicken
aestas summer
agnus lamb
aqua water
angelus angel
aperi librum open the book
aperite libros open the book (more than 1 person)
arbor tree
arcus rainbow
attole manum raise your hand
autumnus fall
bibo I drink
caelum sky
cano I sing
cena dinner
cibus food
collis hill
corpus body
crustulum cookie
do I give
donum gift
edo I eat
flos flower
flumen river
folium leaf
herba plant
hiems winter
hortus garden
humus ground/dirt
imber rain
infans baby
iratus angry
lacus lake
laudo I praise
luna moon
mare sea
mons mountain
navis ship/boat
nimbus cloud
nix snow
pastor shepherd
repete repeat
repetite repeat (more than 1 person)
saxum rock
scribe write
scribite write (more than 1 person)
sede sit
silva forest
sol sun
stella star
sum I am
surge rise/stand up
surgite rise/stand up (more than 1 person)
tace be quiet
tacete be quite (more than 1 person)
unda wave
tristis sad
ventus wind
ver spring
sella chair
Created by: rkbonnette