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any system or object got absorbs carbon dioxide from the environment is called a ___ or simply a ___. Carbon sink or sink
When an object produces carbon dioxide, it is called a ____ . Carbon source
Is used to produce vanilla extract,deodorants, and dies, it is also used in some typical medications. Lignin
The ____ from trees are used in the mini perfumes, flavors, and fragrances like sand wood,eucalyptus Karma and peppermint. oils
Removing trees from the forest is called ___. Deforestation
When is field is ___ , all the trees from a designated area are harvested at once. Clear cut
1 types of clear-cutting method is ___ , which involves removing all the trees from areas that are 100 acres or less. Block cutting
The ___ is used for trees that produce seeds that are wind scattered and seedlings that need abundant sunlight for proper growth. Seed tree method
The ____ is used for trees that grow well in Parental shade Selective cutting method
___ is similar to the selective cutting method that uses three basic steps spread over a 10 to 15 year period. Shelterwood
Once the seedlings have taken Roots, the ___ is removed, and the new crop is allowed to grow. Over story
Advantages to this Method All That it promotes natural reproduction and produces relatively evenly aged ___ ( groups of tall plants or trees). Stands
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