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Mors Hectoris II

phrase matching - oxford Latin 1

Tum Hector subito timet then Hector is suddenly afraid
tergum vertit et fugit he turns his back and flees
Achilēs celeriter currit Achilles runs quickly
sed eum capere nōn potest but he cannot catch him
ter circum mūrōs fugit Hector three times Hector flees around the walls
sed tandem resistit but finally he stands still
sē vertit et Achillem in pugnam vocat he turns and calls Achilles to a fight
ille prōcēdit et hastam in Hectorem conicit he walks forward and hurls a spear at Hector
sed Hector hastam vītat but Hector avoids the spear
deinde Hector hastam conicit then Hector throws a spear
et Achillis parmam percutit and strikes the shield of Achilles
sed Achillēs incolumis est but Achilles is unharmed
nam parma eum servat for the shield saves him
deinde Achillēs hastam summā vi conicit then Achilles throws the spear with the greatest force
volat hasta per auram et Hectorem trānsfīgit the spear flies through the air and pierces Hector
ille ad terram cadit mortuus he falls to the ground dead
accurrit Achillēs et dīrum facinus facit Achilles runs up and does a terrible deed
Hectorem mortuum ad currum alligat he ties the dead Hector to his chariot
et circum mūrōs trahit and drags him around the walls
pater et māter ē mūrīs spectant his father and mother watch from the walls
'ō Achillēs,' inquit, 'tandem ab īra dēsiste" O Achilles, she says, at last let go of your anger
"fīlium nōbīs redde" return our son to us
sed Achillēs eam nōn audit but Achilles does not hear her
Hectorem ad nāvēs trahit he drags Hector to the ships
et eum relinquit in terrā iacentem and he leaves him lying on the ground