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good emperors


Who was the 1st Good Emperor? Nerva
To Whom did Nerva give land grants to? the poor
How did nerva cover the cost for land grants he sold his own land
What “system” did Nerva establish? Adoptive
What region did Trajen make a province which is considered the last major imperial conquest? Dacia
What did Trajen build to commemorate his great military victory? Trajens Collum
What is the term for the welfare program Trajen established? Alimenta
Which writer wrote to this GOOD EMPEROR (Trajan) about how to deal with Christians? Pliny the Younger
Who was the 3rd Good Emperor? Hadrian
Where did Hadrian build his great wall? Border of Britannica and Calidonia (Scotland)
Where did Hadrian try to build a temple of Jupiter which greatly angered the locals (Jews)? Jerusalemon the temple of Sologiam.
He was…. The GREATEST traveled Emperor
What revolt was led by Simon Bar-Kochba? Jewish Revolt
What temple in Rome did he (Hadrian) rebuild? Pampian
What burial place did he have built on the Tiber? Hadrian mausolurn
who was the 4th GOOD EMPEROR? Antonus pius (Hadrians 1st choice died)
Where did Antoninus Pius have a great wall built? Britannia
He was… the GREATEST period of peace and prosperity.
What region did he focus building projects? Italy because he never left after all his 23 years in office.
He was… the longest of the good emperors, 23 years
Who was the last Good Emperor(5th)? Marcius Alalius
Who co ruled with Marcius Alalius? Lucious (his Brother)
What work did Maricus Alalius’ brother, Lucious, write? “Meditations” in Greek
He was…. called the Philosopher
Under what g.e. did the empire reach its greatest size under? Trajen
When the last emperor of the G.E, Marcius Alalius, what happened? it ended the Pax Romana
Created by: marquis