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RBarron Night

Edict Given authority
Expound Explaining your idea to someone
Pestilential Something that can harm crops of livestock such as cows
Pillage To rob someone using force
Premonition A strong feeling you think something is going to happen
Bestial To acts like a savage and can be compared to an animal
Reprieve To cancel or postpone a punishment
Crucible A container
Emaciated To be weak from illness or loss of food
Incite To encourage someone
Embark To take part of
Encumbrance To be in charge of
Vigilant To be prepared in a times notice
Revelation A contact with an abnormal being
Expulsion Kicking someone out of a group or organization
Pious Somewhat an agreement or believing in God
Haggard Having the look of fear or stress
Bewildered Confused and not understanding
Hooligan Someone who causes trouble offer referred to as a child
Cynical The belief where humans are motivated by not trusting another
Nocturnal Sleeping during the day and awake and night
Livid Getting intensely angry
Semblance Appearance on the outside
Robust Strong and sturdy
Apathy A feeling of not caring about a subject
Compulsory A rule that's needed to be fallowed
Created by: Roberto Barron