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DDMS 7th grade, Final Exam Review

How does altitude affect air pressure? As altitude increases, pressure decreases
How does the temperature of a substance affect its density? As temperature increases, the density will decrease
What types of fronts will bring the most severe weather? Cold Fronts
What type of weather is associated with a high pressure system? Clear, Fair Weather
What do red semi-circles on a weather map indicate? Warm Front
What type of weather occurs after a warm front passes? Low pressure system, warm humid weather, cloudy & rainy
What causes wind? differences in air pressure; air moves from areas of high pressure to low pressure
Which microorganism lives alone, moves using a flagellum, and is capable of making its own food? Euglena
Which microorganism lives in colonies, and is capable of photosynthesis? Volvox
Which microorganism can produce sexually or asexually, is a heterotroph, and moves using cilia? Paramecium
Which microorganism reshapes its body to move using it’s pseudopod, and engulfs other organisms by phagocytosis? Amoeba
What are the major differences between plant and animal cells? Plant cells have a cell wall & chloroplasts, and animal cells do not
What is the function of a chloroplast in a plant cell? Allow plants to perform photosynthesis & make their own food
What is the function of the mitochondria in a cell? Use food to create energy for the cell
What is the function of the nucleus in a cell? Controls & coordinates all the cell’s activities
How are multi-cellular organisms organized? CellsTissuesOrgansOrgan Systems
What are the three functions of the skeletal system? Create red & white blood cells, support the body, & protect vital organs/nerves
What is the main function of the respiratory system? To bring oxygen into the body, and expel carbon dioxide
Which body system breaks down food into nutrients that we are able to use? Digestive
What type of energy transformation takes place when an object falls toward the ground? Potential energy is changed into kinetic energy
What type of energy transformation takes place when a plant performs photosynthesis? Light energy (sun) is changed to chemical energy (stored food)
If you are going down a hill on your skateboard, when do you have the greatest potential & kinetic energy? greatest potential = top of the hill, greatest kinetic = bottom of the hill
What is the difference between a parallel & a series circuit? A parallel circuit will continue to provide power to the other bulbs, even if one is disconnected.
Why are simple machines helpful? They provide a mechanical advantage; they make the work easier
How do simple machines provide a mechanical advantage? They spread the effort required over a greater distance, which allows you to use less force
Which of Newton’s Laws of Motion explains why we wear seatbelts? 1st law; an object in motion tends to stay in motion
If you create a graph that displays distance & time, what does the line on the graph represent? The speed of the object
What is represented by a straight line on a distance vs time graph? Constant speed
What is represented by a curved line on a distance vs time graph? positive or negative acceleration
How is velocity different from speed? Velocity is speed in a given direction
How can a reference point be used?; give an example of a good reference point To tell if another object is changing position, or moving; a good reference point could be any stationary object that is easily identifiable
What is represented by a straight line on a speed vs time graph? constant acceleration
What does it mean if an object is not accelerating? It is moving at a constant speed, or it is not moving at all
Which of Newton's Laws of Motion explains why a rocket moves upward as the engine thrusts downward? 3rd Law; For every action there is an equal & opposite reaction
Which of Newton's Laws of Motion explains why it is harder to move a bowling ball than a soccer ball? 2nd Law; Fore = Mass x Acceleration
Created by: jfakins
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