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Kitani-Get Acquainted 30-Roma-JI

1. Is this seat open? (Is this seat taken?) 1. KONO SEKI-WA AI-TE I-MASU-KA?    
2. May I sit down here? 2. KOKO-NI SUWAT-TE-MO I-I DESU-KA?
3. Well, please excuse my rudeness. 3. JAA SHITSUREI-SHI-MASU. <→sit down>       
4. I am studying Japanese now. 4. IMA NIHONGO-O BENKYÔ-SHI-TE I-RU-N’ DESU.
5. I’d like to speak Japanese. 5. NIHONGO-O HANAS-I-TA-I-N’ DESU.
6. Do you have time now? 6. IMA JIKAN-GA AR-I-MASU-KA?
7. Excuse me, please give her another drink. (another drink=OKAWARI) I will pay. 7. SUM-I-MASEN, KANOJO-NI OKAWARI-O AGE-TE KUDASAI. WATASHI-GA HARA-I-MASU.
8. Please tell me your name. I am xxx. 8. NAMAE-O OSHIE-TE KUDASAI. WATASHI-WA XXX DESU.
9. I came to Japan in August of last year. 9. KYONEN-NO 8-GATSU-NI NIHON-NI KI-TA-N’ DESU.
10. I am working at xxx. 10. XXX-DE HATARAI-TE I-RU-N’ DESU.
11. What should I call you? 11. NAN-TE YON-DARA I-I DESU-KA?
12. May I call you “xxx-san”? 12. XXX-SAN-T’TE YON-DE-MO I-I DESU-KA?      
13. Please be (become) my friend. 13. TOMODACHI-NI NAT-TE KUDASAI.         
14. I’d like a Japanese friend. 14. NIHON-JIN-NO TOMODACHI-GA HOSHI-I-N’ DESU. 
15. If you’d like, please tell me your phone number/ e-mail address. 15. YO-KAT-TARA, DENWA-BANGÔ-O / MEHLU-ADORESU-O OSHIE-TE KUDASAI.
16. May I call you tonight/ tomorrow? May I email you? 16. KONBAN / ASHITA DENWA-SHI-TE-MO I-I DESU-KA? E-mail-SHI-TE-MO I-I DESU-KA?           
17. Are you free tomorrow? / Is your schedule open tomorrow? Why don’t we meet here again? 17. ASHITA HIMA-DESU-KA? / ASHITA AI-TE I-MASU-KA? MATA KOKO-DE A-I-MASEN-KA?        
18. What time is convenient for you? 18. NAN-JI-GA TSUGÔ-GA I-I DESU-KA?        
19. Sorry, it was not that kind of intention. (I didn’t mean it that way.) 19. GOMEN-NASAI, SON’NA TSUMORI-JA-NA-KAT-TA-N’ DESU.
20. It was meant to be a joke. 20. JÔDAN-NO TSUMORI DAT’TA-N’ DESU.       
21. Your eyes are / Your hair is very beautiful. 21. Your eyes are / Your hair is very beautiful.
22. If you’d like(→If It’s good), why don’t we drink tea together after this? 22. YO-KAT-TARA, KONO-ATO-DE IS’SHO-NI OCHA-O NOM-I- MASEN-KA?               
23. Do you like Italian cuisine? 23. ITALIA-RYÔRI (Lioli)-WA SUKI-DESU-KA?      
24. I know a delicious Italian Restaurant in Azabu-Juuban. 24. AZABU-JUUBAN-NO OISHI-I ITARIAN RESUTORAN-O SHIT-TE I-RU -N’ DESU.  
25. Why don’t we go together next time? 25. KONDO IS’SHO-NI IK-I-MASEN-KA?        
26. Can I see you again? Will you give me a favor of seeing (let me see) you again? 26. MATA A-E-MASU-KA?   MATA AT-TE KURE-MASU-KA?       
27. It’s a pity. Well, Good-bye. Thank you for today. 27. ZAN’NEN DESU. JAA … SAYONARA. KYÔ-WA DÔMO ARIGATÔ.                 
28. Is it OK?! (with surprise) Really? Wow, I’m so glad. 28. I-I-N’ DESU-KA?! HONTO-DESU-KA? WAA! TOTEMO URESHI-I DESU.             
29. Well, let’s meet here at 9:00 on Sunday. I’m looking forward to it. 29. JAA NICHI-YOUBI-NO 9-JI-NI KOKO-DE A-I-MASHÔ. TANOSHIMI-NI SHI-TE I-MASU.  
30. Today was very enjoyable. Thank you. 30. KYÔ-WA TOTEMO TANOSHI-KAT-TA DESU. DÔMO ARIGATÔ.                     
Created by: Miisa