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Health - Gym Final Review

Health Gym
What is a Mile Run Used for? A Mile run is used to assess a students aerobic capacity. Cardiovascular endurance.
What is a curl up test for? A Curl up test is used to assess a students abdominal (stomach) strength and endurance.
What is a push up test for? A push up test is used to measure upper body strength.
What is a sit and reach test used for? A sit and reach test is used to assess muscular flexibility of the hamstrings.
What is a trunk lift test used for? A trunk lift test is used to assess muscular flexibility in the back.
What are warm ups? Warm ups prepare the body for more intense exercise and helps prevent injuries.
What are cool downs used for? cool downs are used to get your body back to a normal state and prevent injuries.
What are Agilities? Agilities increase the ability to move quickly and with ease. (ex. High knees, skips, Butt Kicks, foot fire, etc.)
What is Endurance? Endurance is the ability to exercise for long periods of time.
What are Aerobic activities? Aerobic activities are activities that can be performed for a long period of time without stopping, at a low to moderate intensity.
What are examples of Aerobic Activities? Examples of Aerobic activities are: the mile run, biking, roller blading...
How long is a mile run? A mile run is 4 laps on the track.
If you run the mile on the track, the first two laps you run in 2 minutes each lap. Assuming you keep the same pace what is your total time. first lap = 2 minutes. second lap = 2 minutes. third lap = 2 minutes. fourth lap = 2 minutes. 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 8 minutes.
What is a resting heart rate(pulse)? A resting heart rate or pulse is the amount of times your heart beats in one minute (60 seconds)
When is the best time to take your heart rate? The best time to take your resting heart rate is first thing in the morning when you wake up.
How can you measure your heart rate? To measure your heart rate use 2 or 3 fingers (not your thumb) and place it on the carotid or radial artery.
How long (seconds or minutes) should you take your pulse? You should take your pulse for 30 seconds. Take the number you get a double it to find your pulse for one minute.
If Mary took her pulse for 30 seconds and counted 40 beats what is her pulse? For 30 seconds she had 40 beats. 1 minute=60 seconds. So to find her pulse double the number and you get 80 beats per minute. He pulse is 80 beats per minute.
What are strength activities? Strength activities are push-ups, curl-ups, weight lifting.
What are flexibility activities? Flexibility activities are stretching sit and reach test, trunk lift.
What are Aerobic (cardiovascular endurance) activities? Aerobic activities are the Mile run, bike riding, swimming, roller blading for at least 20 minutes.
What safety rule should be followed? You should always tie your sneakers. Untied sneakers can result in injury. You should always use the proper equipment for the sport. Example: Helmut, gloves, tie shoes, knee pads, elbow pads.
Created by: WTR11754