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Kitani-Traveling 60

Kitani-Traveling 60 Romaji

1.    I would like (want) to go to a hot springs resort. 1. ONSEN-NI IK-I-TA-I-N’ DESU.
2.    Which hot springs resort do you recommend? 2. DONO-ONSEN-O SUISEN-SHI-MASU-KA?  
3.    Do you have a hotel guide of that hot springs? 3. SONO-ONSEN-NO Hotel Guide-GA AR-I-MASU-KA?  
4.    I would like to stay for 2 nights. 4. 2-HAKU-SHI-TA-I-N’ DESU.
5.    I would like you to recommend a good Japanese-style inn. 5. I-I RYOKAN-O SUISEN-SHI-TE HOSHI-I-N’ DESU.  
6.     Please tell me how to make a reservation. 6. YOYAKU-NO SHI-KATA-O OSHIE-TE KUDASAI.  
7.    My budget is less than 15,000 yen per night per person. 7. WATASHI-NO YOSAN-WA HITORI IP’PAKU 1-MAN 5-SEN YEN IKA DESU.  
8.    How much is a twin room per night per person? 8. Twin Room-WA HITORI IP’PAKU IKURA DESU-KA?  
9.    Are dinner and breakfast included? 9. BAN-GOHAN-TO ASA-GOHAN-WA KOMI DESU-KA?
10.  Are the tax and the service charge separate (additional)? 10. Tax-TO Service Charge-WA BETSU DESU-KA?
11.  Without dinner, how much will it be? 11. BAN-GOHAN-NASHI-DE IKURA-NI NAR-I-MASU-KA?
12.  Do you serve (have) Western-style dinner? 12. YÔSHOKU-NO BAN-GOHAN-GA AR-I-MASU-KA?
13.  Do you have a twin room on the 22nd and 23rd of October. 13. 10-GATSU 22-NICHI-TO 23-NICHI-NI Twin Room-GA AR-I-MASU-KA?
14.  Well, please make a reservation for 2 people for 2 nights on the 22nd and 23rd. 14. JAA, 10-GATSU 22-NICHI-TO 23-NICHI-O FUTARI 2-HAKU-DE YOYAKU-SHI-TE KUDASAI.       
15.  My name is xxx. The phone number is xxx-xxxx-xxxx. 15. WATASHI-NO NAMAE-WA XXX DESU. DENWA-BANGÔ-WA XXX-XXXX-XXXX DESU.   
16.  I’d like to change my reservation? 16. YOYAKU-O Change-SHI-TA-I-N’ DESU.   
17.  From what time can we check in? 17. NAN-JI-KARA Check-in-DEKI-MASU-KA?   
18.  Do you have shuttle bus service from the station? 18. EKI-KARA Shuttle Bus-GA AR-I-MASU-KA?  
19.  How many minutes does it take from the station to your place by taxi? 19. EKI-KARA OTAKU-MADE Taxi-DE NAN-PUN KAKAR-I-MASU-KA?    
20.  Please fax the map to the following number: xx-xxxx-xxxx. 20. CHIZU-O TSUGI-NO BANGÔ-NI Fax-SHI-TE KUDASAI: XX-XXXX-XXXX.    
21.  Where does the shuttle bus for xxxx leave? 21. XXXX-IKI-NO Shuttle Bus-WA DOKO-KARA DE-MASU-KA?   
22.  Where is the taxi stand? 22. Taxi-NORI-BA-WA DOKO DESU-KA?   
23.  Please go to xxxx. (To the taxi driver) 23. XXXX-NI IT-TE KUDASAI.   
24.  Check in please. My name is xxx. 24. Check-in-O O-NEGAW-I SHI-MASU. NAMAE-WA XXXX DESU.    
25.  I made a reservation in Tokyo. 25. Tokyo-DE YOYAKU-SHI-TA-N’ DESU.  
26.  I’d like a quiet room. 26. SHIZUKA-NA HEYA-GA I-I DESU.    
27.  I prefer the upper level. 27. UE-NO KAI-NO HÔ-GA I-I DESU.    
28.  Where is the main public bath? 28. DAI-YOKUJÔ-WA DOKO DESU-KA?    
29.  Is there any outdoor bath? 29. ROTEN-BURO-GA AR-I-MASU-KA?                
30.  Which is the male bath, and which is the female bath? 30. DOCHIRA-GA OTOKO-YU-DE, DOCHIRA-GA ON’NA-YU DESU-KA?                        
31.  Please carry these bags to our room. 31. KONO-NIMOTSU-O HEYA-NI HAKON-DE KUDASAI.
32. What time is (do you serve) the dinner? 32. BAN-GOHAN-WA NAN-JI DESU-KA?
33. Do you serve (Do we eat) dinner in the restaurant or in our room? 33. BAN-GOHAN-WA Restaurant-DE TABE-RU-N’ DESU-KA? HEYA-DE TABE-RU-N’ DESU-KA?
34. Please charge this to my room. 34. KORE-O WATASHI-NO HEYA-NI Charge-SHI-TE KUDASAI.
35. What are the ingredients of this hot spring? 35. KONO-ONSEN-NO SEIBUN-WA NAN’ DESU-KA?
36. Do you have a statement of health benefits in English? 36. EIGO-NO KÔNÔ-GAKI-GA AR-I-MASU-KA?
37. May I wear a bathing suit? 37. MIZU-GI-O KI-TE-MO I-I DESU-KA?
38. Do you have a little bigger Yukata? 38. MÔ SUKOSHI ÔKI-I YUKATA-GA AR-I-MASU-KA?
39. For what purpose is this used? 39. KORE-WA NAN-NO TAME-NI TSUKA-U-N’ DESU-KA?
40. I don’t know how to use this? 40. KORE-NO TSUKA-I-KATA-GA WAKAR-A-NA-I-N’ DESU.
41. Please give me a morning call at 7:00. 41. 7-JI-NI Morning Call-O KUDASAI.
42. The room is very cold. It seems the air-conditioner is broken. 42. HEYA-GA TOTEMO SAMU-I-N’ DESU. Air-Con-GA KOWARE-TE I-RU-MITAI DESU.
43. Do you have a map in this vicinity? 43. KONO-CHIKAKU-NO CHIZU-GA AR-I-MASU-KA?
44. Do you have a sightseeing brochure for this town? 44. KONO-MACHI-NO KANKÔ-NO Pamphlet-GA AR-I-MASU-KA?
45. Could you please tell me about some interesting places in this vicinity? 45. KONO-CHIKAKU-NO MI-DOKORO-O OSHIE-TE KUDASAI.
46. I’d like to go shopping. Where is the downtown area? 46. KAI-MONO-NI IK-I-TA-I-N’ DESU. HANKA-GAI-WA DOKO-DESU-KA?
47. How can (should) I get there? 47. DÔ IT-TARA I-I DESU-KA?
48. Where is a place to enjoy a nice view? 48. KESHIKI-NO I-I TOKORO-WA DOKO DESU-KA?
49. How long does it take (to get there) on foot (by walking)? 49. KOKO-KARA ARUI-TE DONO-GURAI KAKAR-I-MASU-KA?
50. I’m lost. Where am I now? (Where is this place?) 50. WATASHI-WA MAYOT-TE I-RU-N’ DESU. KOKO-WA DOKO DESU-KA?
51. Where am I on this map? (Showing the map) 51. WATASHI-WA KONO-CHIZU-DE DOKO-NI I-RU-N’ DESU-KA?
52. Which way is north? 52. DONO-HÔKÔ-GA KITA DESU-KA?
53.  How much is the entrance fee? 53. NYUUJÔ-RYÔ-WA IKURA DESU-KA?
54. Can I buy a ticket for the sight-seeing bus here? 54. KOKO-DE KANKÔ-Bus-NO KIP’PU-O KA-E-MASU-KA?
55. When is check-out time? 55. Check-out-WA NAN-JI DESU-KA?
56. Please carry our baggage. 56. NIMOTSU-O HAKON-DE KUDASAI.
57. I would like you to keep the baggage until 5 o’clock. 57. 5-JI-MADE NIMOTSU-O AZUKAT-TE HOSHI-I-N’ DESU,
58. I’d like to (I’ll) pay by card. 58. Card-DE HARA-I-MASU.
59. Please call a taxi. 59. Taxi-O YON-DE KUDASAI.
60. It was very enjoyable. I’ll come again. 60. TOTEMO TANOSHI-KAT-TA DESU. MATA KI-MASU.
Created by: kyoko mito



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