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science final

ask questions about the natural world scientist
the study of the natural world science
information collected by using five senses observation
to answer questions investigation
an idea or explanation hypothesis
a statement that explains an observation inference
is used to measure mass in units called grams pan balance
is used to measure force in units call newtons spring scale
the bits of information you observe are called data
represents something real that is to big or to small or has to many parts to observe directly model
has length and width two-dimensional model
an object that has length, width, and hight three-dimensional model
a computer program that models an event or object computer model
when people collect information by using their five senses they make a observation
a tool used to measure the mass of an object is a pan balance
when people ask questions, make observations,and use other methods to gather data about an object or event or object they are doing a investigation
someone who makes a statement that explains an observation is making a inference
if you want to measure the pull of a force, such as the force of gravity, you would use a tool called a spring scale
amira wants to compare close up views of different bird feathers. Which tool should she use microscore
during gym class, Julia had an ice pack on one arm. You think she must have hurt her arm. What scientific skill did you use inference
the use of scientific and mathematical principals to devolop engenering
Created by: Jordyn0825