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incomplete drugs Ambulance Victoria for yr 2 cardio unit

ADRENALINE • 1 mg in 1ml amp • 1mg in 10ml amp SIDEEFFECTS: SIN TACHY, SVT, VENT ARRHYTHMIA, HYPERTENTION, PUPILLARY DILATATION, MAY ^ SIZE OF MI, FEELING ANXIETY 1-Cardiac arrest(vt/vf) 2-inadequate perfusion 3-brady w/ poor perfusion 4-anaphylaxis 5-severe asthma- not resp. to neb therapy, or unconscious w/ no BP 6-croup Hyopvolaemic shock without adequate fluid replacement Reduce dose for: 1-elderly/frail pt 2-pts w/ cardiovascular disease 3-pt on monoamine oxidase inhibitors 4-higher dose for pt on BETA blockers Naturally occurring alpha and beta adrenergic stim 1mg IV @ 3/60
FENTANYL 100mcg in 2mL amp 200mcg in 1mL vial 600mcg in 2mL vial SIDEEFFECT; resp. depression, apnoea, rigidity of diaphragm and intercostal muscles SCHED 8 DRUG 1-Sedation to facilitate intubation. 2-Sedation to maintain intubation. 3-Drug facilitated intubaiton. 4-Analgesia- IV/IN 1-Known hypersensitivity. 2-IV Amiodarone 1-elderly/frail. 2-impared renal/hepatic funct. 3-Resp. depression eg COPD. 4-Current Asthma. 5-Pts on monoamine oxidase inhibitors. 6-know addition to opioids. 7-Rhinitis, rhinorrehea or fatial trauma (IN). 8-Oral amiodarone Synthetic opioid analgesic IV\\25-50mcg IV @5/60 MAX 200mcg //(1/4 to 1/2 amp MAX 2amp) \\(prepare 2ml amp in 8ml saline) IN//100mcg IN(2ml) repeat 50mcg IN @ 5/60 MAX 200mcg
GTN (Glyceryl Trinitrate) 600mcg tab 50mg-0.4mg\hr patch SIDEEFFECTS: /tachy/ hypotension/ headache/skin flushing/ brady 1-Chest pain ACS. 2-Acute LVF. 3-Hypertension ACS. 4-Autonomic dysreflexia. 5-preterm labour 1-hypersensitivity. 2-BP <110mmHg. 3-BP <90mmHg. 4-Viagra, Levitra 24Hr -- Tadalafil(Cialis) 4days. 5-HR >150bpm. 6-HR <50bpm. 7-VT. 8-Inferior STEMI w/BP <160mmHg. 9-Right ventricular MI. 1-No previous admin. 2-elderly pt. 3-Recent MI. 4-Concurrent use with other tocolytics. vascular smooth muscle relaxant \vascular dilataion (venus poolingand reduces venous return to heart-reduce preload) \Arterial dilatation (reduces systemic vascular resistance and arterial pressure-reduces afterload) 300mcg S/L NO prev. admin. OR 600mcg
METHOXYFLURANE (PENTHRANE) 3mL bottle Pain relief 1-pre-existing renal disease/impairment. 2-concurrent use tetracycline antibiotics. 3-Exceeding dose of 6mL in 24hr. 1-handheld by pt. 2-pre-eclampsia. 3-concurrent use with oxytocin. inhalation analgesic agent at low concentrations 3mL
METOCLOPRAMIDE (maxalon) 10mg in 2mL SIDEEFFECT: \drowsiness \dry mouth \musscle tremor \extrapyramidal reactions 1-NAUSEA/VOMITING >Chest pain/ opioid admin for pain/ cytotoxic or radiotherapy/ previous diagnosed migraine/ severe gastroenteritis. 2-PROPHALAXIS> awake spinal immobilized pt\ eye trauma. 1-children. 2-suspect bowl obstruct or perforation. 3-GI haemorrhage. Children poop blood 1-Undiagnosed abdo pain. 2-adolescents <20 3-admin slowly over 1 min antiemetic 10ml IV/IM 10/60 MAX 20mg. If C/I give Prochlorperazine 12.5mg IM
MIDAZOLAM 5mg/1mL 15mg/3ml 1-Status Epilepticus. 2-Sedation to intubate. 3-post intubation sedation. 4-sedation to sync cardioversion. 5-sedate agitated pt. 6-sedate psycostimulant OD Know hypersensitivity to benzodiazepines 1-smaller dose elderly/frail, pt w/chronic renal failure, CCF or shock. 2-CSN depressant effect amplified in presence of narcotics and other tranquilisers. 3-pt w/myasthenia gravis 4- CNS depressant Agitated pt. 2.5-5mg IM @10/60 MAX 20mg
MORPHINE 10mg/1mL 1-Pain relief. 2-Acute LVF with SOB and full field crackles. 3-sedation to maintain intubation. 4-sedation to enable intubaiton. 5-RSI (rapid sequence intubation) 1-Know hypersensitivity. 2-late second stage labour. 1-elderly/frail. 2-hypotension. 3-resp depression. 4-current asthma. 5-resp tract burns. 6-know addiction to opioids. 7-acute alcoholism. 8-pt on monoamine oxidase inhibitors. Opiod analgesic PAIN //up to 5mg IV repeat 5mg 5/60 MAX 20mg. //if >60kg 10mg IM repeat 15/60 ONE ONLY. //if <60kg 0.1mg/kg IM SINGLE DOSE.
ASPRIN 300mg chew tab 300mg soluble SIDEEFFECT; heart burn, nausea, GI bleeding, inc. bleeding time, hypersensitivity reaction ACS 1-hypersensitivity to asprin/salicylates. 2-actively bleeding ulcer. 3-bleeding disorder. 4-Suspected dissection aortic aneurism. 5-chest pain- psychostim OD SBP >160mmHg 1-Peptic ulcer 2-Asthma 3-Pts. on anticoagulants \analgesic \antipyretic \anti-inflammatory \anti- platelet aggregation agent 300mg oral
Created by: Gt_cockatoo