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Kitani-Shopping 40

1. Do you have such and such? 1. Such and such-GA AR-I-MASU-KA?
2. I’m looking for such and such. 2. Such and such-O SAGASHI-TE I-RU-N’ DESU.
3. Where do you have such and such? 3. Such and such-WA DOKO-NI AR-I-MASU-KA?
4. Where do you have such and such? 4. Such and such-GA IR-U-N’ DESU.
5. Which are organic vegetables? 5. YUUKI-SAIBAI-NO YASAI-WA DORE DESU-KA?
6. Please tell me how to eat this. 6. KORE-NO TABE-KATA-O OSHIE-TE KUDASAI.
7. Please tell me how to cook this. 7. KORE-NO RYÔRI-SHI-KATA-O OSHIE-TE KUDASAI.
8. Is this imported or domestic? 8. KORE-WA YU’NYÛ-HIN DESU-KA? KOKUSAN-HIN DESU-KA?
9. When is the expiration date (best before:)? 9. SHÔMI-KIGEN-WA ITSU DESU-KA?
10. Where is the expiration date ? 10. SHÔMI-KIGEN-WA DOKO DESU-KA?
11. I can’t read this label. 11. KONO-RABELU-O YOM-E-NA-I-N’ DESU.
12. What are the ingredients of this food? 12. KONO-SHOKU-HIN-NO SEIBUN-WA NAN’ DESU-KA?
13. Does this food contain artificial ingredients /MSG? 13. KONO-SHOKU-HIN-WA JINKÔ TENKA-BUTSU-GA /AJINO-MOTO-GA HAIT-TE I-MASU-KA?
14. Please make this and this together. 14. KORE-TO KORE-O IS’SHO-NI SHI-TE KUDASAI.
15. Please make these separate. 14. KORE-TO KORE-O IS’SHO-NI SHI-TE KUDASAI.
16. These are not mine. 16. KORE-WA WATASHI-NO JA-NA-I DESU.
17. Do you deliver? 17. OTAKU-WA HAITATSU-SHI-MASU-KA?
18. How much is the delivery charge? 18. HAITATSU-HI-WA IKURA DESU-KA?
19. Can you deliver this on Wednesday? 19. KORE-O SUI-YÔBI-NI HAITATSU-DEKI-MASU-KA?
20. Can you deliver it by 5:00 pm? 20. GOGO 5-JI-MADE-NI HAITATSU-DEKI-MASU-KA?
21. I want to return this. 21. KORE-O HENPIN-SHI-TA-I-N’ DESU.
21. I want to return this. 22. MANEHJAH-O YON-DE KUDASAI.
23. From what time until what time are you ? 23. OTAKU-WA NAN-JI-KARA NAN-JI-MADE DESU-KA?
24. I’m just (=only) looking. 24. MI-TE I-RU-DAKE DESU.
25. Please show me this. 25. KORE-O MISE-TE KUDASAI.
26. Is this price tax-included? 26. KONO-NEDAN-WA TAK’KUSU-KOMI DESU-KA?
27. Can you make it a little cheaper? 27. SUKOSHI YASU-KU DEKI-MASU-KA?
28. Please show me another one. 28. HOKA-NO-O MISE-TE KUDASAI.
29. Do you have different ones? 29. CHIGA-U-NO-GA AR-I-MASU-KA?
30. This is too small. Do you have a bigger one? 30. KORE-WA CHIISA-SUGI-MASU. MOT’TO ÔKI-I-NO-GA AR-I-MASU-KA?
31. I’m sorry, I’ll come again. 31. SUM-I-MASEN, MATA KI-MASU.
32. Can you order (=Can I receive a favor of ordering) this for me? 32. KORE-O CHUUMON-SHI-TE MORA-E MASU-KA?
33. How long does it take ? 33. DONO-GURAI KAKAR-I-MASU-KA?
34. Could you measure me, please? 34. SAIZU-O HAKAT-TE KURE-MASU-KA? (Lesson 28)
35. Can I try this on? 35. KORE-O SHICHAKU-DEKI-MASU-KA?
36. What is this made of? = What is the material? 36. ZAISHITSU-WA NAN’ DESU-KA?
37. Very good! I’ll take (have) this. 37. TOTEMO I-I DESU! KORE-O MORA-I-MASU.
38. Please gift-wrap this. 38. KORE-O GIFUTO-RAP’PU-SHI-TE KUDASAI.
39. Please wrap this and this separately. 39. KORE-TO KORE-O BETSU-BETSU-NI TSUTSUN-DE KUDASAI.
40. How much is it altogether? 40. ZENBU-DE IKURA DESU-KA?
Created by: ritsu tsumura