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NCFE Science - 7L

What does a Euglena use to move around? flagellum
What is unique about the Euglena? eyespot, chloroplast
Where does an Euglena live? freshwater
The amoeba moves by cytoplasmic streaming with the help of a false foot. What is the name of the false foot? pseudopod
To eat what does the amoeba do to its food? engulfs it
What does a paramecium use to move? cilia
How does the volvox live. as a colony
How does the paramecium eat? cilia sweeps food into oral groove
What does the paramecium use to get rid of waste? Anal pore
What does the paramecium have two of? Macro & Micro Nucleus
Which two protist are plantlike? Volvox and the Euglena
Forms the outer boundary of the cell and allows only certain materials to move into or out of the cell Cell Membrane
A gel-like material inside the cell; it contains water and nutrients for the cell Cytoplasm
Directs the activity of a cell; it contains chromosomes with the DNA Nucleus
Separates the nucleus from the cytoplasm Nuclear Membrane
Break down food and release energy to the cell Mitochondria
Storage areas for the cell. Vacuoles
Provides support and structure to the plant cell Cell Wall
Contains chlorophyll that is make food for the plant cell Chloroplast
Destroys worn-out cell parts mostly in animal cells Lysosomes
Cells that have a nucleus. Eukaryote
Cells that do not have a nucleus and DNA floats in the cytoplasm. Prokaryote
What is the level of organization for structure and function beginning with cells and ending with organism. Name the 5 in order. cell, tissues, organs, systems, organism
Breaks down food and absorbs nutrients Digestive System
The body's disease fighting system Immune System
Detects information from the environment and controls body functions stem Nervous System
Controls many body processes by means of chemicals Endocrine System
Takes in oxygen and eliminates carbon dioxide Respiratory System
Transports materials to and from cells Circulatory System
The process that continues life on earth Reproductive System
Covers and protects the body from injury, infection, and water System loss Integumentary System (Skin)
Enables movement of the body and internal organs Muscular System
Removes mainly liquid waste Excretory System
Supports and protects the body Skeletal System
When cells burn up food (respiration) for energy, what system takes needed oxygen to the cell. Circulatory System
When cells burn up food for energy, what system takes carbon dioxide to the lungs as waste. Circulatory System
What system takes in Oxygen and sends it into the blood? Respiratory System
What system expels carbon dioxide from the body? Respiratory System
What system removes liquid waste from the body? Excretory System
What system removes solid waste from the body? DIgestive System
What system has electrical impulses with a network of nerves? Nervous System
Which system creates a balance in the body (HOMEOSTASIS)? Endocrine System
Which represents sexual reproduction, mitosis or meiosis? meiosis
Which represents asexual reproduction, mitosis or meiosis? mitosis
How many cells ends with meiosis? four
How many cells ends with mitosis?daughter cells two
Are the final cells in meiosis identical? no
Are the final cells in mitosis identical? yes
What stage in meiosis does crossing over occur? Prophase 1
Does meiosis end with haploid or diploid cells? haploid
Does mitosis end with haploid or diploid cells? diploid
In a human how many chromosomes in each body cell? 46 or 23 pairs
In a human how many chromosomes are in each sex cell? 23
During meiosis how many times does the cell divide? 2
During mitosis how many times does the cell divide? 1
Is budding sexual or asexual? asexual
How many parents are needed for asexual reproduction? 1
What type of asexual reproduction occurs when a group of cells pinch of and form a new individual? budding
What are sex cells called? gametes
Do gametes have half the chromosomes from the parent or all the chromosomes from the parent? half
What is a gene a segment or a part of? DNA
What can be masked, a dominant or a recessive trait recessive
A diagram of family relationships that used symbols to represent people and their genetic relationships such as hemophilia or colorblindness. pedegree
In a pedigree circles represent what? female
In a pedigree squares represent what? male
In a pedigree colored in circles represent what? female has the trait
In a pedigree half colored in circles represent what?female carrier female carrier
In a pedigree colored in squares represent what? male has the trait
Can a pedigree help determine if the trait is dominant or Recessive? yes
Is brown hair the genotype or the phenotype? phenotype
Is Bb, BB or bb the genotype or the phenotype? genotype
Who came up with the Punnett Square? Reginald Punnett
If you cross a Bb black male rabbit with a Bb black female rabbit and bb would be a white rabbit, what percent would be white? 25% probability
If you crossed a BB black rabbit with a bb white rabbit what is the probability of a white rabbit? 0%
Is BB homozygous or heterozygous? homozygous
Is Bb homozygous or heterozygous? heterozygous
Is bb homozygous or heterozygous? homozygous
Is BB purebred or hybrid? purebred
Is Bb purebred or hybrid? hybrid
Is bb purebred or hybrid? purebred
In a hybrid tall pea plant what does the T and t represent. The 2 traits carried by the parent
In a hybrid tall pea plant Tt which letter is masked? t
Why is a male more likely to be colorblind than a female? no trait is on the Y, whatever is on the X chromosome can not be masked.
Are some traits inherited and others result from interaction from the environment? yes
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