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Drive right 11


How many different types of expressway interchanges are there? 4
Where do you accelerate on an expressway? The acceleration lane
Why are the collisions on expressways more serious than others? The vehicles are going at a high speed
Where do you exit expressways? Exit ramp
What do you do if the exit ramp is backed up? Go to the next exit
How many fall asleep collisions are there a year? About 100,000
Where should you slow down leaving an expressway? The deceleration lane
Why should you avoid "wolf packs" on expressways? If there is a hazard the vehicles will have less open zones to escape to. The vehicle in the middle with have no open zones at all.
What should you do before going onto a city with complex roads? Plan a route for you trip
If you miss your exit, what should you do? Keep going until another exit shows up and drive back
If you miss your exit, what should you NOT do? Make a U-turn, then get back to it.
What is the safest lane to be in on an expressway? Middle lane
What do you do in the merging area? Merge into traffic
Why should you check your side zones when you change lanes? To avoid hitting somebody that is also going in that lane
What should you do about tailgaters? Encourage them to pass you
What should you NOT do when people pass you? Speed up
An expressway is a ________ highway. controlled access
Why would there be a traffic light on an entrance ramp? To control traffic going onto the expressway
Why should you go the same speed as other drivers? To blend in with traffic
What are "wolf packs"? Bunches of cars in one area
Created by: MasonComes