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Kitani-Lesson Terms

Kitani-Lesson Terms 30

O-HAYÔ-GOZAI-MASU. / KON'NIHCI-WA. / KONBAN-WA. Good morning. / Good day. / Good evening.
"GENKI-DESU-KA? - HAI, GENKI-DESU. CHÔSHI-WA DÔ DESU-KA? - TOTEMO I-I DESU. / MAA-MAA DESU. / YO-KU-NA-I DESU." "Are you fine (=How are you)? - Yes, I am fine. How's it going? - Very well. / So-so. / Not so good."
"NANI-KA SHITSUMON-GA AR-I-MASU-KA? - HITOTSU AR-I-MASU. / NA-I DESU." "Do you have any question? - I have one. / I don't have any."
JAA, KYÔ-NO LES'SUN-O HAJIME-MASHÔ. Well, let's start today's lesson.
MATERIALU-O ZENBU DASHI-TE KUDASAI. Please pull out all the materials.
KONO-MAE-NO LES'SUN-O FUKUSHUU-SHI-MASHÔ. Let's review the last lesson.
Recording-O KIK-I-MASHI-TA-KA? - HAI, KIK-I-MASHI-TA. Did you listen to the recording? - Yes, I did.
SHUKUDAI-O YAR-I-MASHI-TA-KA? - HAI, YAR-I-MASHI-TA. Did you do homework? - Yes, I did.
9-PEHJI-O AKE-TE KUDASAI. Please open (to) the page 9.
KURO-WAKU-NO NAKA-O YON-DE KUDASAI. Please read the inside of the black frame.
CHAATO-O / KAK'KO-NO NAKA-O MI-TE KUDASAI. Please look at the chart / the inside of the parenthesis.
NIHONGO-DE IT-TE KUDASAI. / TOTEMO I-I DESU! Please say it in Japanese. / Very good!
EIGO-DE HANAS-A-NA-I-DE KUDASAI. Please don't speak in English.
IMI-WA EIGO-DE NAN' DESU-KA? What is the meaning in English?
KONO-EIGO<-NO BUN>-O NIHONGO-NI NAOSHI-TE KUDASAI. Pls. translate this English (sentence) into Japanese.
I-I DESU-KA? / DAIJÔBU-DESU-KA? Is it all right? / Are you all right?
"WAKAR-I-MASU-KA? / WAKAR-I-MASHI-TA-KA? -HAI, WAKAR-I MASU. / WAKAR-I-MASHI-TA. -IIE, WAKAR-A-NA-I DESU. -MÔ ICHIDO SETSUMEI-SHI-TE KUDASAI." "Do you understand? / Did you understand? -Yes, I do. / Yes, I did. -No, I don't understand. -Please explain it once more."
MÔ ICHIDO IT-TE KUDASAI. MI-NA-I-DE IT-TE KUDASAI. Please say it once more. Say it without looking.
HAI, SÔ DESU. / MOCHIRON DESU. Yes, it is. (Yes, that's right.) / Of course it is.
IIE, CHIGA<W>-I-MASU. No, it is not. (No, that's not right.)
TSUGI! / TATOEBA, / ...EHHH-TO …, / SÔ DESU-NEHHH, Next! / For example, … / Well …, / Let me see …,
IMA NAN'-TE I<W>-I-MASHI-TA-KA? What did I say now? / What did you say now?
KORE-WA NIHONGO-DE NAN' DESU-KA? What is this in Japanese?
SORE-WA TOTEMO I-I SHITSUMON DESU. SUKOSHI JIKAN-O KUDASAI. YO-KU SHIRABE-TE, TSUGI-NO LES'SUN-DE KOTAE-MASU That is a very good question. Please give me a little time. I'll check into it well, and give you an answer at the next lesson.
KYÔ-NO LES'SUN-WA KOKO-MADE DESU. / KYÔ-NO LES'SON-WA IJÔ DESU. Today's lesson is up to this point. / That's all for today's lesson.
Recording-O KANARAZU KII-TE KUDASAI. LISUNINGU-WA TOTEMO DAIJI-DESU. Please listen to the MD/the tape without fail. Listening is very important.
"TSUGI-NO LES'SUN-WA YOTEI-DÔRI DESU-KA? -HAI, YOTEI-DÔRI DESU. -TSUGI-NO KA-YÔBI-WA TSUGÔ-GA YO-KU-NA-I-N' DESU. LES'SUN-O SUI-YÔBI-NI CHENJI-DEKI-MASU-KA?" "Is the next lesson as scheduled? - Yes , it is as scheduled. - The next Tuesday is not convenient for me. Could I change the lesson to Wednesday?"
"SUI-YÔBI-NO NAN-JI-GA TSUGÔ-GA I-I DESU-KA? -GOGO 3-JI-WA DÔ DESU-KA? DAIJÔBU-DESU. JAA, SUI-YÔBI-NO GOGO 3-JI-NI LES'SUN-O SHI-MASHÔ." "What time on Wednesday is convenient for you? - How about 3 pm? That's fine. Well then, let' do the lesson at 3 pm on Wednesday."
JAA, MATA RAI-SHUU. / MATA GETSU-YÔBI-NI A<W>-I-MASHÔ. See you again next week. / Let's meet again on Monday.
NIHONGO-O TAKUSAN TSUKAT-TE KUDASAI. - HAI, SÔ SHI-MASU. Please use Japanese a lot. - Yes, I'll do so.
Created by: Asako Hori