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My wife asks, “Can I, can I, can I?” KANAI
My wife is too much. TSUMA
My husband is “Otto.” OT’TO
My daughter likes Mousse Melon. MUSUME
My son likes Mousse Coconuts. MUSUKO
The family cars are so cool. KAZOKU
May I see your business card? MEISHI
Canned Pet King is perfect pet food. KANPEKI
Much to see in the city. MACHI
Let’s go. → Get’s go. GETSU-YÔBI
Wednesday is the lawyers’ day. They sue. SUI-YÔBI
Everyone is keen for Friday KIN-YÔBI
Of course, I love much longer vacation. MOCHIRON
TV program “Weekend Opinion” IKEN
Van Gogh is Number 1. BANGÔ
OECD serves delicious food. OISHI-I
Prices from book to car BUK’KA
Shoe repair SHUURI
With you in bed last night YUUBE
A Head Honcho is in the HONSHA HONSHA
Let’s discuss over soda. SÔDAN-(SHI-)
I’ll invite you to a show time. SHÔTAI-(SHI-)
Swiss Inn is recommendable. SUISEN-(SHI-)
I’ll introduce you to ‘Shark-eye.’ SHÔKAI-(SHI-)
When TENKI is no good, let’s ENKI. ENKI-(SHI-)
Sages know politics. SEIJI
She goes to work. SHIGOTO
Silver lashes are wonderful. SUBARASHI-I
The musical scene is difficult. MUZUKASHI-I
My co-worker is scary. KOWA-I
A card has four corners. KADO
Look at me. MI-
Find Akasaka-mitsuke. MITSUKE-
Cheese factory map CHIZU
Tomorrow a Dutch friend is coming. TOMODACHI
Cocoa is here on the table. KOKO
Put that shit under the table. SHITA
The arcade is open. AKE-
She may close it. SHIME-
Shutter scene SHASHIN
My age makes me sigh. SAI
A person deep inside (OKU) the house OKU-SAN
I’m in my shoes every week. MAISHUU
He is a car racer. KARE
A gentleman is sincere. SHINSHI-
Shall we document it? SHORUI
Should show him the door SHUSHOU
Ben Lee is a handy man. BENRI-(NA)
SUKI-YAKI is my favorite. SUKI-(NA)
A lei is KILEI. KILEI-(NA)
She wags her tail. SHIAWASE-(NA)
Don’t kick ‘em. It’s dangerous. KIKEN-(NA)
She’s quiet. SHIZUKA-(NA)
In Japan, bimbo is poor. BINBÔ-(NA)
In Japan, hooker is ill-fortuned HUKÔ-(NA)
You may be famous. YUUMEI-(NA)
Mean people live in an easy world. IJIWARU-(NA)
Let's go, if it's fine with you. TSUGÔ-GA I-I
Hiroo is HIRO-I. HIRO-I
Have an eye! ABUNA-I
Cheek is CHIKA-I &Toe is TOO-I CHIKA-I & TÔ-I
Long nagging in a short midget car. NAGA-I & MIJIKA-I
Oh, so late. OSO-I
A cry in the dark. KURA-I
Try hard. TSURA-I
When you are glad, say ”hooray!” URESHI-I
Canary sings a sad song. KANASHI-I
Car tire KATA-I
ma’s cooking MAZU-I
Two yokes make me strong. TSUYO-I
Your wine makes me weak. YOWA-I
The fruit is old. FURU-I
Buy a cow, and use two cows. KA<W>- & TSUKA<W>-
Make it in school. TSUKUR-
Pick me up at Hiroo. HIRO<W>-
Kick the listener! KIK-
Eat TONKATSU to win. KAT-
Hand it to me. ( WATAS-
Don’t fuss over sour grapes. SAWAG-
Don’t touch my moustaches. DÔ ITAS-I-MASHI-TE.
Deliver my High-touch. HAITATSU-(SHI-)
She checks clothes in the fitting room. SHICHAKU-(SHI-)
I drink beer (NOM-U BIIRU) and take it easy. NONBIRI-(SHI-)
They guarantee the whole show. HOSHÔ-(SHI-)
Let’s remember ‘Oboe A’. OBOE-
Think Kangaroo. KANGAE-
Monday night is no problem. MONDAY NA-I
I’m going nuts in summer. NATSU
Oh, gee, my uncle is here. OJI
“More” is my motto. MOT-TO
His face is chaos. KAO
SEIKO is a success. SEIKÔ
Michael Jordan loves jokes. JÔDAN
He meets me. HIMITSU
Spanish house is Japanese umbrella. KASA
Come to my condo next time. KONDO
between “Aida” AIDA
Ginkgo Bank GINKÔ
I bought a yacht finally. YAT’TO
I love you. AI
Created by: haruokawabe



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