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Kitani-Adverb List

a little while ago さっき (SAK'KI)
the other day この間 (KONO-AIDA)
last time, previously この前 (KONO-MAE)
these days, nowadays この頃 (KONO-GORO)
next time (in the future tense) 今度 (KONDO)
this time (mostly in the past tense) 今度 (KONDO)
from now on これから (KORE-KARA)
right away, immediately すぐ (SUGU)
soon, immediately すぐに (SUGU-NI)
in a short while もうすぐ / まもなく (MÔ SUGU / MAMONAKU)
It's almost time to ... そろそろ (SOROSORO)
to start with, first まず / はじめに (MAZU / HAJIME-NI)
a while / quite a while しばらく (SHIBARAKU)
ever since, all the way / time through ずっと (ZUT'TO)
finally (after a long effort) やっと (YAT'TO)
at last (usually an unfavorable result follows) とうとう (TÔTÔ)
in the end (after all is said and done) 結局 (KEK'KYOKU)
suddenly, abruptly 急に (KYUU-NI)
a lot たくさん (TAKUSAN)
full いっぱい (IP'PAI)
considerably, fairly (more than a little) だいぶ (DAIBU)
considerably, pretty (but not completely) かなり (KANARI)
considerably, quite (to a great degree) ずいぶん (ZUIBUN)
almost ほとんど (HOTONDO)
completely すっかり (SUK'KARI)
pretty, substantially, more than expected 結構 (KEK'KÔ)
pretty, substantially, not to be taken lightly なかなか (NAKANAKA)
just 丁度 (CHÔDO)
frequently, time to time 度々 (TABITABI)
often / well 良く (YO-KU)
most of the time, mostly 大抵 (TAITEI)
usually, ordinarily 普通 (FUTSUU)
sometimes 時々 (TOKIDOKI)
occasionally, on rare occasions たまに (TAMA-NI)
by chance, by coincidence 偶然 (GUUZEN)
all of a sudden, suddenly 突然 (TOTSUZEN)
not so (much) ... あまり…ない (AMARI…NA-I)
seldom ... めったに…ない (MET'TA-NI…NA-I)
not ... at all 全然…ない (ZENZEN…NA-I)
never, absolutely not ... 決して…ない (KES'SHI-TE...NA-I)
not ... even a little 少しも…ない (SUKOSHI-MO…NA-I)
not ... even once 一度も…ない (ICHIDO-MO…NA-I)
not ... easily なかなか…ない (NAKANAKA…NA-I)
for sure きっと (KIT'TO)
without fail 必ず (KANARAZU)
absolutely 絶対に (ZET'TAI-NI)
at any cost (often used socially) 是非 (ZEHI)
especially 特に (TOKU-NI)
mainly 主に (OMO-NI)
gradually, step by step だんだん (DANDAN)
in a rapidly increasing manner どんどん (DONDON)
clearly はっきり (HAK'KIRI)
firmly しっかり (SHIK'KARI)
neatly, precisely, in an organized way きちんと (KICHIN-TO)
as expected やっぱり / やはり (YAP'PARI / YAHARI)
anyway, in any case とにかく (TONIKAKU)
for example 例えば (TATOEBA)
deliberately, on purpose わざと / 故意に (WAZA-TO / KOI-NI)
rather むしろ (MUSHIRO)
in other words, in short, namely つまり (TSUMARI)
of course 勿論 (MOCHIRON)
provided (if ...), supposing (if ...) もし
Created by: Chikako Kosakai