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Japanese Vocab List

晴天 せい​·てん Noun fine weather
ひ Noun Day
少々 しょう​·しょう expression just a minute; small quantity
感傷 かん​·しょう Noun Sentimentality
浸る ひたる to be soaked in; to be flooded; to be immersed in
午後 ご​·ご Adverbial noun P.M, Afternoon
懐かし なつ​·かし No Adjective Dear, Beloved
故郷 こ​·きょう Noun home town; birthplace; old village; historic village; native place; one's old home
夢見 ゆめ​·み​る ichidan verb to dream (of)
理想郷 り·そう·きょう ideal land; earthly paradise; Utopia; Arcadia
忘る わす​る godan verb to lose something
うそ lie; falsehood; incorrect fact
有るまじき あ​るま​じ​き pre-noun unworthy; unbecoming; improper
企み たくらみ noun plan; design; artifice; trick; intrigue
今生 こんじょう noun this life; this world
消せ けす to erase, to turn off power
怨霊 おん​·りょう noun revengeful ghost; apparition
ほのお noun flame; blaze
産まれる う​ま​れ​る ichidan verb, intransitive verb to be born
ago; before
ざま noun mess; sorry state; plight; sad sight
周り まわ​り noun 1. circumference; perimeter; edge 2. surroundings; locality; neighborhood 3. rotation; circulation



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