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SCIENCE - Unit 6

TEST 5/17 - Forces/Motion/Simple Machines

Acceleration A change in speed or direction of an object's motion
Force A push or pull
Friction Force that resists motion, relative to each other, of objects that are touching
Speed The change of position during a unit of time
Velocity The speed and direction of an object
Simple Machine A machine with few or no moving parts to make work easier
Wedge Two inclined planes placed back to back
Fulcrum The fixed point on a lever
Pulley A wheel with a line around it
Lever A bar that pivots on a fixed point
Screw A post with threads wrapped around it
Inclined Plane A slanted surface
What is the measurement of the force of gravity on an object? Weight
Two friends exert a force on each other's hands and the hands don't move. Describe the forces The forces are balanced
A heavy ball and a light ball are rolling at the same speed on the same surface. Why will the heavy ball be harder to stop? It has greater momentum
What simple machine raises a flag on a flag pole? Pulley
What other kind of simple machine do you need to make a wedge? Inclined plane
What type of simple machine is a fishing rod? Lever
Which part of a fishing rod is a fulcrum? Your hand holding the rod
Which types of simple machines change the direction of a force? Wedge, inclined plane, pulley
Screws have threads that are simple machines. What kind of machine are the threads on screws? Inclined planes
If someone is pushing a box across the floor and someone else is pushing on the box with equal force, but in the opposite direction - what is the outcome? The box stays in the same place
Which simple machines are also an inclined plane? A screw, wedge
What simple machine opens draperies or blinds when you pull a cord? Pulley
Which simple machine would you use to slice celery? Wedge
Created by: she4thgrade