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Abeka 7 Science 12.1

A woody plant that does not meet either of these requirements is a Shrub
____ are perennial, Woody plants that grow to be at least 20 feet tall and has a single main stem, or trunk. Trees
The top portion of the tree, which includes the tree's leaves, twins, flowers, and Suites, is the ___. Crown
A tree with ___ they have several main branches close to the ground, as in Oaks, Maples, and elms. Spreading branching
___ occurs when trees have a strong central truck, like Pines, Redwood, and cypresses. Spirelike branching
Angiosperm trees, which reproduce by seeds formed in flowers, are also called ___ because their leaves are Broad and flat broadleaf trees
because several angiosperm trees have hard, Dense wood, broadleaf trees are also called ___ Regardless of the world actual hardness. Hardwood trees
Most broadleaf trees in warm ___ Ama losing their leaves in the fall and staying bare all winter Deciduous
Many gymnosperms are ___, becuase unlike deciduous angiosperms, they keep their leaves during the winter. Evergreen trees
gymnosperms are also called ___ although many varieties of gymnosperms have harder wood then the hardwood. Softwood trees
there are three types of gymnosperms: conifers, cycads, and gigkos. Conifers
___ are a unique variety of slow-growing, palm like gymnosperms. Cycads
___ are an oriental Greyhound gymnosperm with short branches and fan shaped leaves that turn bright yellow and fall quickly in autumn Gingo's
The ginkgo is ____ producing male and female reproductive Parts on two separate trees Dioecious
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