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Kitani-Verb Association

Meet the award winner! A<W>-
Allow me to wash my hands. ARA<W>-
You pay or you commit Harakiri? HARA<W>-
Say you. I<W>-
Macho guy's mistake MACHIGA<W>-
Receiving is more liable. MORA<W>-
I think it’s time to mow. OMO<W>-
He assists touchdown. TETSUDA<W>-
Use two cows. TSUKA<W>-
Sing Utah song. UTA<W>-
Wallaby smiles and laughs. WARA<W>-
Enter high risk high return market. HAIR-
Run for Hershey’s chocolate! HASHIR-
Return to Cairo. KAER-
Cut, kill. KIR-
Turn at Margarita St. MAGAR-
Be back to Mode-R. MODOR-
Take Norway Airlines. NOR-
Dance with Audrey. ODOR-
Don’t know??? Silly! SHIR-
Be seated for Swan Lake. SUWAR-
Stop for Tomatoes. TOMAR-
Take a toll. TOR-
Make it at school. TSUKUR-
Sell wool. UR-
I understand “KURUMA-WA car DESU.” WAKAR-
Do and play in the yard. - YAR
Eat TONKATSU to win. KAT-
Wait for Matt (Damon). MAT-
‘Possess’ is my motto. MOT-
Stand up! Rat-a-tat. TAT-
Hit with a<fairway> wood. UT-
Put out the dust bin. DAS-
Return ‘E’ to ‘Lend=KAS-.’ KAES-
Lend me some cash. KAS-
I lost knacks. NAKUS-
Please fix it now. NAOS-
Push your boss to take the oath. OS-
Look for sagas. - SAGAS
Hand-deliver it to me (WATASHI). WATAS-
The Lost Ark opens. AK-
Walk and take a look at it. ARUK-
Wipe the hook. FUK-
Work hat trick. HATARAK-
Pull the tongue and stop hiccup. HIK-
Write ‘cocktail’ in Kanji. (鶏尾酒) KAK-
Ask the kicker and listen to him. KIK-
Don’t cry over spilt snack. NAK-
Pull out the (baby’s) NUK. NUK-
Put it here. OK? OK-
SAKURA blossomed. SAK-
Arrive at school. TSUK-
All play no work makes Jack an S.O.B. ASOB-
Choose a lab. ERAB-
Abracadabra! Carry her cobra! HAKOB-
Yell, “More SAKE!’ SAKEB-
Fly, Tobias! A tomboy jumps. TOB-
Call your babe. YOB-
“You look beautiful!” – “I’m delighted.” YOROKOB-
Hurry! We are busy (ISOGASHI-I). ISOG-
Take off your snug jacket. NUG-
Swim in yogurt. OYOG-
Don’t fuss over sour grapes. SAWAG-
Connect me with him. Let’s nag him. TSUNAG-
I knit for my amigo. AM-
You are stepping on my toes, I’m fuming. FUM-
Chewing gum. KAM-
Crowded computer network. KOM-
Drink no more! NOM-
Steal a new summer suit. NUSUM-
Live in a summer house. SUM-
Ask <him> to turn omelet. TANOM-
Turn on Simpsons, and enjoy. TANOSHIM-
Wrap cats and rats. Um…. TSUTSUM-
Rain stops; yummy yam grows. YAM-
I’ll give ya some rest. YASUM-
I can read your mind. YOM-
She is dying. SHIN-
I gave. AGE-
Open an arcade. AKE-
Leave the depot. DE-
Weight increased among those who ate. FUE-
Start her gym training. HAJIME-
The sky is clearing up. Hallelujah! HARE-
Change the car engine. , KAE-
Hang the car key, and bet the car key. KAKE-
Hiding cockroaches KAKURE-
Think Kangaroo. KANGAE-
Tidy up cut zucchinis. KATAZUKE-
Wear-Change KI-GAE-
Decide on a key man. KIME-
Answer in Court A. KOTAE-
Mutual trust broke down with my co-worker. KOWARE-
Compare crabs. KURABE-
Give me Kool-Aid. KURE-
Lose a game at the market. MAKE-
Me and you are clearly visible. MIE-
I’ll show you the store (MISE). MISE-
More K.O, more money. MOUKE-
Get used to the narrator. NARE-
Ride-change NOR-I-KAE-
Remember oboe A. OBOE
Oh great! I’m late. OKURE-
Tell me the meaning of OCA. OSHIE-
Attack Cemetery! (Don’t blame my semen.) SEME-
She may close the door. SHIME-
Investigate the sea lab. SHIRABE-
Help Tashkent. TASUKE-
Build Tate museum. TATE-
Stop tomatoes. Stop complaining to me. TOME-
Two car racers got tired. TSUKARE-
Turn on two kettles and attach two kettle caps. TSUKE-
Move over. Let’s make room. TSUME-
Continue keeping two zookeepers. TSUZUKE
He was born in um… Malaysia. UMARE-
Divide a wake and a funeral. WAKE-
We forgot we were slender before. WASURE-
Quit, ya may! YAME-
I lost weight, ya said. YASE-
Let’s take shower at Abbey. ABI-
We are sick and tired of Japanese politics that is the Achilles’ heel of Japan. AKI-
Can I play on the deck. Is deck decoration ready? DEKI-
I’ll be home this evening. I-
I live, and I kill. - Hannibal Lecter IKI-
May I borrow cauliflower? KARI-
Elbow resembles knee. / I can’t kneel in the boiling water! (At hot Onsen) NI-
No bees grow longer. NOBI-
Apples fall in an orchard. OCHI-
Get up! – Okey-do-key! OKI-
Get off the Orient Express. ORI-
Getting rusty looks shabby. SABI-
Don’t believe Shinto and syndicate. SHINJI-
Go pass Ginza. SUGI-
It’s too hard to surpass Ginza. …SUGI-
Tuna runs out in Tsukiji. TSUKI-
I apologize for too much WASABI. WABI-
Created by: shunichikame


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