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AJ6 Ch 10-11

AJ6 Chpt 10 - 11

What are the 4 goals of a criminal investigation Determine if a crime was committed, Obtain evidence to identify the culprit, Arrest the suspect, Present strong case to the prosecutor
What are the two phases of a criminal investigation The preliminary investigation and the Follow up investigation
As much as 70% of an investigators job is consumed by _____ and ________ Paperwork, Writing
The remnants left behind of an event are called ____ data. Proxy
What is the theory behind Locard's principal of exchange When two objects come in contact with each other, information or material, no matter how minute, gets exchanged
What are the 4 classifications of evidence Documentary ,Demonstrative, Testimonial and Physical
____ evidence establishes a proof of a fact. _____ evidence is incriminating. Direct; Indirect (aka circumstantial)
This type of evidence links a suspect to a crime. Examples are fingerprints, Bloodstains, Hair fibers, etc. Associative
This type of evidence clears a suspect of blame Exculpatory Evidence
Corpus Delecti Evidence establishes .... that a crime has been committed.
This is used to determine a genetic sequence for a specified individual. AKA the blueprint of life DNA
Forensic Entomology Analyzing insects on a body to determine timeline or location information
Name the 4 basic types of death Natural Causes, Accidental, Suicide and Homicide
What is the essential element in order for a murder to be first -degree Premeditation
Equivocal Death Investigation May be suicide or homicide and may have two or more meanings depending on the circumstances
______ is unlawfully threatening to harm another person. Assault
What is the difference between a burglary and a robbery? Burglary is taking from your home robbery is taking from you.
Unlawfully taking or carrying away another's possession is called.... Theft aka Larceny
Why is unauthorized use of a motor vehicle prosecuted as such versus prosecuted as a theft? Because you must prove that the thief intended to deprive the owner of the vehicle permanently.
What is the most frequent motivation for a hate crime? Race
When both criminal a civil proceedings are initiated against a violator, it is called Parallel Proceedings
Using fraudulant emails and web sites to fool recipients into divulging personal information is called Phishing
Hiding the origin of an email is called Spoofing
Parens Patriae Doctrine that allows the state to become the guardian for abandoned, neglected or wayward children
What is the difference between the Child Welfare Model and the Juvenile Justice Model? The CWM looks to the best interest of the child for the main consideration the JJM seeks to hold juveniles accountable for their behavior.
What is meant by saying the juvenile system has a One-Pot Jurisdictional approach when it pertains to youths? Abused, Status Offenders, and Serious Crime offenders are all the responsibility of the same juvenile justice system
A broader term that encompasses all aspects of child abuse is... Child Maltreatment
The younger the child the (more/less) likely that he or she would be victimized MORE
What was held in the 1990 case Maryland v Craig That the 6th amendment right to confront does not always mandate face to face confrontation between defendant and child abuse victim or witness.
What was held in the 1990 case Idaho v Wright That an out of court statement may be admitted if it's determined that child making the statement is likely to be telling the truth
Osteogenisis Imperfecta Brittle Bone disease
Munchausen By Proxy Psychiatric ailment that causes a person to fabricate a child's illnesses to fulfill the adults need for attention and sympathy
What are the 5 categories of missing children Thrown-aways (asked to leave home), Runaways, Non-Family Abducted, Family Abducted, Missing or lost
What is a status offense? An offense that is a violation only because of the status of the violator Ex. Curfew violation, Underage Drinking, or Truancy.
Referring a juvenile out of the legal system and into an agency or program is called... Diversion
DARE Drug Abuse Resistance Education
GREAT Gang Resistance Education and Training
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