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Kitani-In Trouble

I bought a wrong ticket. Can you give a refund?(give a refund=HARA-I-MODOSHI-SU-) MACHIGAT-TA KIP’PU-O KAT-TA-N’ DESU. HARAI-MODOSHI-DEKI-MASU-KA?
The change / The ticket won’t come out. O-TSURI-GA / KIP’PU-GA DE-TE KO-NA-I-N’ DESU.
Trains aren’t arriving (coming), are they? Why is it? Was there an accident? DENSHA-GA KO-NA-I DESU-NE. DÔSHITE DESU-KA? JIKO-GA AT-TA-N' DESU-KA?
About how many minutes will it take before restoration ? FUK’KYUU-MADE-NI NAN-PUN-GURAI KAKAR-I-MASU-KA?
What is the announcement saying? ANAUNSU-WA NAN-TE IT-TE I-RU-N’ DESU-KA?
If you have new information, please let me know. ATARASHI-I JÔHÔ-GA AT-TARA, OSHIE-TE KUDASAI.
I’d like to go to Yokohama. Is there any other way to get there? YOKOHAMA-MADE IK-I-TA-I-N’ DESU. HOKA-NO IK-I-KATA-GA AR-I-MASU-KA?
I lost my ticket. What should I do? KIP’PU-O NAKUSHI-TA-N’ DESU. DÔ-SHI-TARA I-I DESU-KA?
I left something on the train. Where is the lost and found office (center)? DENSHA-NI WASURE-MONO-O SHI-TA-N’ DESU. WASURE-MONO SENTAA-WA DOKO DESU-KA?
I left something in the taxi. This is the receipt of the said taxi. (the said=SONO-) TAKUSHII-NO NAKA-NI WASURE-MONO-O SHI-TA-N’ DESU. KORE-GA SONO-TAKUSHII-NO RESHIITO DESU.
I’m going to call this phone number, so would you please talk to them for me (on my behalf)? WATASHI-GA KONO-BANGÔ-NI DENWA-SHI-MASU-KARA, WATASHI-NO KAWARI-NI HANASHI-TE KUDASAI-MASEN-KA?
I think this seat is mine. This is my ticket, but …. KONO-SEKI-WA WATASHI-NO SEKI-DA-TO OMO-I-MASU. KORE-GA WATASHI-NO KIP’PU-NA-N’ DESU-KEDO ….
Does this train got to AAA? - …. - Well, it seems I took a wrong train. KONO-DENSHA-WA AAA-NI IK-I-MASU-KA? - …. - JAA, WATASHI-WA CHIGA<W>-U DENSHA-NI NOT-TA MITAI DESU.
I lost my way. Where am I? How should I go to AAA from here? MICHI-NI MAYOT-TA-N’ DESU. KOKO-WA DOKO-DESU-KA? KOKO-KARA AAA-MADE DÔ IT-TARA I-I DESU-KA?
I bought this yesterday, but can I return it? I have the receipt. KINÔ KORE-O KAT-TA-N’ DESU-GA, HENPIN-DEKI-MASU-KA?
As for this change / As for this bill, isn’t the calculation wrong? KONO-OTSURI-WA / KONO-OKANJÔ-WA MACHIGAT-TE I-NA-I DESU-KA?
I made a reservation at 6, but I will be a little late. I’ll come by 7. 6-JI-NI YOYAKU-SHI-TA-N’ DESU-GA, SUKOSHI OKURE-MASU. 7-JI-MADE-NI IK-I-MASU.
I’d like to change my reservation for tomorrow. Please change it from 7 people to 4 people. ASHITA-NO YOYAKU-O HENKÔ-SHI-TA-I-N’ DESU. NANA-NIN-O YO-NIN-NI HENKÔ-SHI-TE KUDASAI.
My order still hasn’t come yet. WATASHI-NO CHUUMON-GA MADA KI-TE I-NA-I-N’ DESU.
I am allergic to wheat. KOMUGI-NI ALERUGII-GA AR-U-N’ DESU.
The toilet is clogged. The air conditioner doesn’t work. TOIRE-GA TSUMAT-TE I-RU-N’ DESU. EAKON-GA KOWARE-TE I-MASU.
Would you please change the room? HEYA-O KAE-TE KUDASAI-MASEN-KA?
My son’s bike has been stolen. Would you please write a stolen goods certificate? MUSUKO-NO JITENSHA-GA NUSUM-ARE-TA-N’ DESU. TÔNAN-SHÔMEI-SHO-O KAI-TE KUDASAI-MASEN-KA?
Excuse me! Please call the police (110). SUM-I-MASEN! KEISATSU-O YON-DE KUDASAI.
{Dial 100, and} We had / There was an accident. Please come right away. The place is …? I’ll put someone else on. (I’ll replace myself with someone else.) {110-BAN-NI DENWA-SHI-TE,} JIKO-GA AT-TA-N’ DESU. SUGU KI-TE KUDASAI. BASHO-WA …? HOKA-NO HITO-TO KAWAR-I-MASU.
I am not feeling well. Please call the ambulance. KIBUN-GA WARU-I-N’ DESU. QQ-SHA (119)-O YON-DE KUDASAI.
Doc, I have a pain here. My blood type is type O. SENSEI, KOKO-GA ITA-I-N’ DESU. WATASHI-NO KETSUEKI-GATA-WA O-GATA DESU.
I can’t hear. (It’ not audible.) / I can see well. (It’s not visible.) People in front, would you please sit down? YO-KU KIKOE-NA-I-N’ DESU. / YO-KU MIE-NA-I-N’ DESU. MAE-NO HITO, SUWAT-TE KUDASAI-MASEN-KA?
Created by: Kumazaki



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