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Kitani-Adjectives 100 Associations

Big is Okey-doke. OOKI-I (OOKI-NA)
Bright arc light. AKARU-I
Busy office is so gassy. ISOGASHI-I
Lei is pretty. KIREI-NA
Alas, the sea is rough. ARA-I
Complicated! How to hook that? FUKUZATU-NA
Handy Ben Lee's store BENRI-NA
A tad correct TADASHI-I
Have an eye! ABUNA-I
Dangerous! Don't Kick'em. KIKEN-NA
To catch deep fish, hook eyes. FUKA-I
OECD serves good food. OISHI-I
Her yak runs fast. HAYA-I
Enjoyable tournament TANOSHI-I
Expensive Turquoise TAKA-I
Fancy, lovely steak SUTEKI-NA
Am I fat? Who told you that? FUTOT-TE I-RU
Fat toy truck FUTO-I
Interesting home oscilloscope OMOSHIRO-I
When we're glad, we say 'hooray.' URESHI-I
Good evening. I-I (YO-I)
When she is happy, she wags her tail. SHIAWASE-NA
It's heavy, I think. (OMO-). OMO-I
Talk highly of you. TAKA-I
A tweet about hot weather ATU-I
Small chick's sigh CHIISA-I (CHIISA-NA)
In the dark we cry KURA-I
He must be free. HIMA-NA
Dirty kitten KITANA-I
Minute Commack Island KOMAKA-I
Simple Cantonese food. KANTAN-NA
Who’s Ben? FUBEN-NA
Wrong matching MACHIGAT-TE-I-RU
Safe to be unsaid ANZEN-NA
Shallow morning(ASA) thought ASA-I
Ma's cooking MAZU-I
Assassin is not an easy job. YASASHI-I
Oh! so late. OSO-I
Painful trying TSURA-I
dad's sigh. DASA-I
Ya said. YASE-TE-I-RU
Thin hose HOSO-I
Boring wife ( TSUMA) TUMARANA-I
When you are sad, canary sings. KANASHI-I
Wicked whirl-wind WARU-I
miserable, unfortunate hookers FUKO-NA
Carl Louis runs lightly. KARU-I
Low morale, low pay, he quit. HIKU-I
In the cold region some Indians live. SAMU-I
Yankees fans are cold to Mets. TSUMETA-I
Kind synthesizer SHINSETU-NA, YASASHI-I
I like ski. SUKI-NA
Long nagging NAGA-I
It's a lot! Oh, good.( I-I) OO-I
To the warming add tax. ATATAKA-I
Near is cheek. CHIKA-I
News from Atlantic City ATARASHI-I
Beautiful? Ugh! Squishy! UTSUKUSHI-I
Quiet! Shh....! SHIZUKA-NA
Rich=Money(OKANE) possess(MOT-I) OKANE-MOCHI-NA
Round Mars MARU-I
The same as Oh! Nazi. ONA-JI
Good, skillful biting jaws. JÔZU-NA
Head (Brain) is good. ATAMA-GA I-I
Hard and tough car tire KATA-I
Spacious Hiroo HIRO-I
Strong, two yolks make me. TSUYO-I
Sweet, am I? AMA-I
Terrific, Sue got it. SUGO-I
Thick jacket is hot (ATSU-I). ATSU-I /dense KO-I
Tight shoes (KUTSU) KITSU-I
Wonderful silver lashes SUBARASHI-I
Young men are wacky. WAKA-I
Mean people live in uneasy world. IJIWARU-NA
I hate killer horror. KIRAI-NA
In a short midget car. MIJIKA-I
cool soothing SUZUSHI-I
Far is toe. TOO-I
Old French Louis FURU-I
Ugly, mean Nick MINIKU-I
Yucky machine noise YAKAMASHI-I
Poor bimbo BINBÔ-NA
4(SHI) angled SHIKAKU-I
Different drink, I chug-a-lugged. CHIGA-(verb)
I hate it. I'm bad at singing. HETA-NA
You're bananas. BAKA-NA
Ya wanna soft-shell clam(KAI)? YAWARAKA-I
Narrow is semi-. SEMA-I
Weak, your wine makes me. YOWA-I
Salt ( SHIO)-spicy SHIO-KARA-I
Terrible is hideous. HIDO-I
Thin ice! Oops! USU-I
Loosen your Louis Vuitton belt. YURU-I
Old man, toss your Reebok. TOSHIYORI(Noun)
Created by: Inui Natsuko



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