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7 Abeka Sience 11.3

Over half of the approximately 65000 times of ___ , the animal-like organisms made of a single cell, are known only from the fossil record. Protozoa
The Dutch naturalist ___ ___ ___ kown as the ___ ___ ___ , was the first person to observe protozoa and make written records of his observations. Anton Van Leeuwenhoek and father of microbiology
The ___ protozoa that move using a ___ , I would like organ of locomotion. Flagellates and flagellum
Generally, ____ are found in freshwater lakes, ponds, and streams. Englenas
Several ___ kama elastic holding tank that collect and dispose of access water, also allocated throughout the cell. Contractile vacuoles
The ___ of the genus trypanosoma is a pair a flagelate that moves using flagella. Trypanosome
One of trypanosome causes that deadly disease African sleeping sickness
Perhaps the best snowing of the ___ the protozoa that moves by means of ___ , or false seat is the ___ genus amoeba Sarcodimes and pseudopods and amoeba
If the amoeba senses a food particle or a samll organisms such as a diatom, it sends out pseudopods that completely surround the food, as the peseudopods and close the particle comma a portion of the amoeba's cell membrane forms the lining of a ___ ( a sp Food Vacuole
The ___ members of the genus paramecium, are distinguished by their unique forever face and by the ___ ( hairlike projections) that completely covered them. Paramecia and cilia
These ___ protozoa that move using cila can often be found rolling through pond water using the rhythmic motion of their cilia, which serve as Tiny oars for the paramecium. Ciliates
The ___ (mouth cavity) of a paramecium is Apollo like depression that runs along one side of its body. Oral Groove
The ___ , his body is shaped like an upside-down Bell, is often found attacked by a stock to an underwater object in a stagnant pond.
The ___ named after a Greek herald in the Trojan War, is a trumpet-shaped ciliate that can grow in a link of 1/10 of an inch and can be found swings freely in fresh and saltwater. Stentor
Almost all of the Spore forming protozoa, or ___, are incapable of independent movement can exist as heterocious parasites. Sporazoa
The 5 species of the parasite ___ that cause the widespread tropical disease ___ in humans are tropical sporoans. Plasmodium and malaria
On August 20th, 1897, after spending several years trying to prove that malaria was spread by mosquitoes, _____, a surgeon major in the British Indian army, was finally able to observe Malarial parasites growing in the stomach are there anophles mosquito Sir Ronald Ross
Plants, animals, phone died, and protozoa are ___ Kama organisms with organized nuclei. Eukaryotes
Blue green algae, which have a different cellular structure than other algae are usually classified with bacteria in a separate group called ___, single-celled organisms that have no organized nuclei Soil, and Water, as well as in the bodies of other orga Prokaryotes and bacteria
One of the best known species of bacteria is the esherichia coli, or simply ___. E. Coli.
Research on bacterium has provided much of our present understanding of ___- the transmission of characteristics from parent to offspring by means of genes in the chromosomes of cells. Heredity
The ___ (cyanobacteria) are particularly Hardy prokaryotes. Blue green algae
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