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Science Test


What is Pangea? The super continent, that broke up ~150,000,000 BP, it began about 300,000,000 BP.
What is Convection? The transfer of heat through a heated fluid
What is Conduction? The transfer of energy through direct contact.
What is Radiation? The transfer of energy through space
What is the process by which the earth formed through gravity bringing together the smaller particles of matter to from a planet? Accretion
What is the outer layer of the earth that is made out of rock; makes the continent and oceans bottom? The crust
What is the outer layer of the core, made of molten metals; iron and nickel? (It gives the earth its magnetic fields.) The outer core
What is the center of the earth made of iron and nickel that is solid? The inner core
What is the lithosphere? The layer of the earth that is made of the upper layer of the mantle and the earth's crust.
What is the asthenosphere? The part of the mantle below the lithosphere, that has the consistency of asphalt it contains the convection currents that cause the movement of the earth's plates.
What is sea floor spreading? The process that continually adds material to the sea floor by molten rock hardening and then being pushed by new molten rock. (makes the Atlantic wider.)
What is the San Andrea fault? A transform boundary in California
What is subduction? The process where a heavier oceanic plate slides under a lighter continental plate. (Pacific plate goes under Eurasian plate.)
What is a transform boundary fault? The place where two plates slide or slip past each other in opposite directions.
What are three examples of a Rift? The Great African Rift, The Rhine Valley, and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
What are the eight major plates? Eurasian, Atlantic, Australian-Indian, South American, North American, Antarctic, Nazca, and African.
What are the four major layers of the earth? The outer core, the inner core, mantle and crust
Sea floor spreading makes what? New ocean bottom
The Mid-Atlantic is an example of what? Divergent boundary
What causes the magnetic fields of the earth? Convection currents of the outer core.
What are common rocks of the crust? Granite and basalt; hardened magma
What are examples of subduction? The pacific plate sub ducting under the Eurasian plate
Created by: LaxyLucy7