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7 Abeka Science 11.2

A diverse group of the smallest chlorophyll containing plants can be found in nearly every body of water either floating on top or attached to rocks. Algae
____ are microscopic, but because of their vast numbers, they are often seen as a green scum on a pond or lake. Green Algae
Someone called green algae from variously sized and shaped clusters. What were they called? Colonies
What is a wellknown colonial algae called? Volvox.
Goups of single-celled green alage lined end-to-end to form long chains resembling hairs. Sporogyra
What often cause these plants to appear yellow-green or Golden brown Yellow algae
What, except for bacteria, are the most abundant life form on earth? Doatoms
When diatoms die, their cytoplasm and inner cells walls eventually disintegrate; the outer cell walls then fall to the floor of the body of water, forming a layer called _________ Diatomaceous Earth
Nearly all of the _____ live in call ocean waters; the best-known ____ are microscopic and include seaweed like kelp, Rockwood, and gulfweed. Brown Algae
The largest of the brown algae is called ___ Kelps
Slightly brown algae, the majority of the ____ are marine organisms, and many are familiar seaweeds. Red algae
The ___ are a large group of heterotrophic plant-like organisms, and most are __ comma organisms that obtain their nutrients from dead organisms. Fungi and saprophytes
The study of fungi is ___ , and a scientist who studies fungi is a Mycology and mycologist
Most fungi are made of thread-like structures called ___ Hyphae
The mass of hyphae form the ___ mycelium
Some common Club fungi that grow in soil are the ___ and ___. Mushrooms and toadstools.
Together, the stalk and cap make up the ___ Of the funguns. Fruiting body
The underside of the cap has many ___ each containing hundreds of Club shaped basidia. Gills
The ___, also known as shelf fungi, are often found growing on trees or rotting logs. Bracket fungi
One can often see where a ___ has been by ecology lab observing the characteristic collection of ___ Lenox Mall
One can often see where a ___ has been by ecology lab observing the characteristic collection of ___ polar bears left on their hosts. Rust and rust colored
___ are parasitic fungi that produce blisters containing black spores and often infect grains. Smuts
Another type of microscope fungi is ___. Rhizopus stolonifer, one of the most common bread ___ , is a miniature Jungle of shining. Mold
The ___ which include yeast and mildews Kama make up the largest group of fungi. Sac fungi
Nearly all that fungi are ___ consisting of more than one cell only the yeast are ___ single-celled. Multicellular and unicellular
___ is a colorless organisms that eats, foods containing sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide in a position known as ___. Yeast and fermentation
Yes, under favorable conditions, reproduce rapidly by ___ Budding
The cell wall near the nucleus weakens and begins to bulge out word to form a knob like ___ - the beginning stage of a new yeast cell. Bud
___ , another common group of Sac fungi, are the most often found growing on plants; however, they can be found in almost any area that says damp for Fairly long periods of time. Mildews
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