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Sixth Grade Science

Indiana Sixth Grade Chapter 2 Science

Metric System a measurement system based on the number 10
International System of Units (SI) a version of the metric system
Mass a measurement of the amount of matter in an object
Weight a measure of the force of gravity acting on an object
Volume the amount of space an object or substance takes up
Density a measure of how much mass is contained in a given volume
Estimate an approximation of a number based on reasonable assumptions
Accuracy refers to how close a measurement is to the true or accepted value
Precision refers to how close a group of measurements are to each other
Significant Figures communicate how precise measurements are
Percent Error calculations that are ways to determine how accurate an experimental value is
Mean the average of a set of data
Median the middle number in a set of data
Mode the most common number in a set of data
Range the difference between the greatest value and the least value in a set of data
Anomalous Data data that does not fit with the rest of a data set
Graph a picture of your data that allows you to visually analyze and compare imformation
Linear Graph a line graph in which the data points form a straight line
Nonlinear Graph a line graph in which the data points do not form a straight line
Model a representation of a simple or complex object or process
System a group of parts that work together to perform a function or produce a result
Input the material or energy that goes into a system
Output the material or energy that comes out of a system
Process what happens in a system
Feedback output that changes the system in some way
Safety Symbol signs the alert you to possible sources of accidents in a laboratory
Field any area outside of a science laboratory
Created by: NathanTheGenius