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There are an estimated ________ to ________ species on the earth. 3 to 30 million
Only ______ species have been named and described on Earth. 1.4 million
What is classifying Classifying is putting things into groups
What are the 5 kingdoms Monera, Protist, Fungi, Plants, Animalia
What are Monerans One-celled organisms without a definite necleus
What are Protists 1- celled organisms with a definite necleus
What is Fungi Multi-celled organisms with a nucleus that obtains nutrience from organic sources
Name 2 examples of fungi mushrooms, fungi
What is a plant Multi-celled organisms with a nucleus
Name 3 examples of plant Trees, grass, flowers
What is Animalia Multi-celled organisms that do not produce their own food and move by using muscles and nerve tissues.
Animals with backbones are called ______ Vertabrates
What are the 5 different subgroups of vertebrates. Fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals.
Vertebrates can be... Warm blooded or cold blodded
What is cold blodded Their body temperature is the same as the water or habitat they live in.
What are some examples of cold blooded animals sharks, frogs, snakes
What is warm blooded They use energy to maintain a steady body temperature no matter where they live
What are some examples of warm boded animals Humans, dogs, birds
What are vertebrates those with a backbone
what are invertebrates those without a backbone
What groups to vertebrates include to reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish, and mammals
What things go to invertebrates sponges, flatworms, arthropods, earthworms, and sea urchins
What are the 4 groups of invertebrates. worms, sponges, molluses, arthropods
What are the 2 largest kingdoms plants and animals
How many species of arthropods are there over 1 million
Scientists believe that the number of unsubscribed in the rain forests could be... 6-9million
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