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Water & Macromolecul

Polarity Water is able to dissolve most substances on earth
Polar The positive and negative charges of water make it a ____ molecule
Cohesion Water sticks to Water molecules
Adhesion Water sticks to different molecules
Ice floats The reason why lakes do not freeze solid
pH scale A scale raging from 0-14
Acid pH scale 0-6
Base pH scale 8-14
Neutral 7
pH & Temperature Enzymes work best in a certain ___ & ___
Carbon This atom can easily bond to other like atoms to build complex molecules. Also the atom needed in Organic Chemistry
Enzymes Speed up reactions
Enzymes This is a special type of protein
Carbohydrate Sugar
Carbohydrate This macromolecule is used for short term energy
Carbohydrate Glucose is an example of this macromolecule
Lipids Wax, Fat, or Oil
Lipids Phospholipids are an example of this macromolecule
Cell Membrane Phospholipids make a bilayer for this structure
Protein Made in the ribosome
Protein Amino acids link together to make these
Protein Structural, Storage, Movement, Enzymes are all examples of this macromolecule
Nucleic Acids Store & transmit heredity information
Nucleic Acids DNA & RNA are examples of this macromolecule
Photosynthesis takes place in the chloroplast
Photosynthesis Carbon Dioxide + Water --> Glucose + Oxygen
Cellular Respiration Takes place in the mitochondria
Cellular Respiration Process to Make ATP ....All cells must do this
Cellular Respiration Glucose + Oxygen --> Carbon Dioxide + Water
Created by: aburke2011