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Mors Hectoris

matching phrases Latin

ubi Patroclus mortuus est when Patroclus dies
Achillēs eum diū lūget Achilles mourns him for a long time
redit ad pugnam he returns to the battle
et comites in Trōiānōs dūcit and he leads his comrades against the Trojans
ubi Achillem vident when they see Achilles
illi territī sunt they are terrified
in urbem fugiunt they flee into the city
Hector sōlus manet Hector alone remains
extrā mūrōs outside the walls
pater Priamus, rēx Trōiae Father Priamus, the king of Troy
et māter Hecuba and his mother Hecuba
eum vident ē mūrīs they see him from the walls
fīlium vocant They call their son
Priamus clāmat Priamus shouts
nōli Achillem in pugnam vocare don't call Achilles into a fight
nōn potes eum vincere You cannot beat him
urbem intrā; festīnā Enter the city; hurry up!
fīlī care dear son,
nōlī extrā mūrōs manēre do not remain outside the walls
nōlī mortem obīre don't meet death
māter tua misera tē ōrat Your wretched mother begs you
sed Hector eos nōn audit but Hector hears them not
urbem intrāre nōn vult he doesn't wish to enter the city
Trōiānōs vocat He calls the Trojans
portās claudite, Trōiānī Shut the gates, Trojans!
ego sōlus maneō extrā mūrōs I alone wait outside the walls
Achillem ad pugnam voco I call Achilles to fight
Trōiānī invītī portās claudunt The Trojans close the gates unwillingly.
Hector sōlus Achillem exspectat Hector waits alone for Achilles
ille propius accēdit He approaches closer