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Two parties deal with the issue between themselves Negotiation
A neutral 3rd party facilitator finds common ground for agreement Mediation
A 3rd party facilitator suggests grounds for compromise Conciliation
An expert receives a written argument from each side Arbitration
It's quick + cheap, and non-binding Negotiation
Expert opinion Arbitration
Non-binding, good for neighbour disputes Conciliation
Common ground found and agreement written + signed Mediation
The act that allows the parties to decide how many arbitrators there are Arbitration Acr 1996 s.15
The act that states the outcome can only be challenged on a point of law or if the arbitrator is wrong Arbitration Act 1996 s.68
Case where 3 horses were killed by train (cost benefit of ADR) Dunnet v Railtrack
Case where contractor was unhappy with builder's work (cost benefit of ADR) Burchell v Bullard
Act that states all divorce cases must go to mediation before court Family Law Act 1996
Created by: PaddyHoskin97