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Kana Chapter 23

Japanese for Busy People I - Kana Version - Chapter 23 - Vocabulary

ショコラ ショコラ shokora shokora Chocolat-Chocolat (fictitious product name)
なごや Nagoya Nagoya (city in central Japan)
すんで います sunde imasu am living (present progressive)
すみます sumimasu to live
もうしわけ ございません Moushiwake gozaimasen I'm sorry to have to tell you this (politer than sumimasen)
たいへん taihen very much, extremely (politer way of saying totemo)
しって います shitte imasu am knowing (present progressive)
うって います utte imasu am selling (present progressive)
うります urimasu to sell
つとめて います tsutomete imasu am employed (present progressive)
つとめます tsutomemasu to be employed
いとう Itou Ito (surname)
J B P ジャパン JBP japan JBP Japan (fictitious company name)
あんどう Andou Ando (surname)
しながわ Shinagawa Shinagawa (district in Tokyo)
そちて sochite and (conjunction connects sentences)
レストラン とうきょう Resutoran Toukyou Restaurant Tokyo (fictitious restaurant name)
ふじコンピューター Fuji Conpyuutaa Fuji Computers (fictitious company name)
でんきや denki-ya electronics store
メープルシロップ meepurushiroppu maple syrup
こじま Kojima Kojima (surname)
やました Yamashita Yamashita (surname)
こばやし Kobayashi Kobayashi (surname)
ワン Wan Wang (surname)
ホンコンししゃ Hon Kon shisha Hong Kong (branch) office
すしまさ Sushi masa Sushi masa (fictitious sushi bar name)
さあ saa let me see
さあ、 わかりません saa, wakarimasen I don't know (the saa expresses the speaker's hesitation about immediately answering "I don't know)
こども kodomo child (related to the speaker)
おこさん okosan child (related to others)
むすこ musuko son (related to the speaker)
むすこさん musukosan son (related to others)
むすめ musume daughter (related to speaker)
おじょうさん / むすめさん ojousan / musumesan daughter (related to others)
あに ani older brother (related to speaker)
おにいさん oniisan older brother (related to others)
あね ane older sister (related to speaker)
おねえさん oneesan older sister (related to others)
おとうと otouto younger brother (related to speaker)
おとうとさん otoutosan younger brother (related to others)
いもうと imouto younger sister (related to speaker)
いもうとさん imoutosan younger sister (related to others)
すんで いません sunde imasen I am not living (present progressive, negative)
つとめてません tsutomete masen I am not employed (present progressive, negative)
しりません shiri masen I am not knowing (present progressive, negative)
うって いません utte imasen I am not selling (present progressive, negative)
Created by: Nolin