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Safety 2

Scenarios and safety violation that caused it

InjuryRule violated
Student is blinded by a flying piece of wood Never work without proper eye protection
Student amputates finger while trying to adjust guard on band-saw Never adjust machinery while it is in operation
Screwdriver falls from table and pierces the top of students foot Never wear open toed shoes
Students arm is pulled into drill press when an article of clothing gets caught on the rotating chuck. Never work with loose hair, Jewelry, clothing, etc
Student slips and falls on sawdust Never leave your work area a mess
Student is injured when wood is kicked back by table saw after her tried to cut a curve with it Never use a machine if you are not trained
Student is too embarrassed to ask for assistance with a with the miter saw and is injured by flying wood. Never be shy to seek help
Wood binds on table saw and the room is filled with smoke causing the school to be evacuated Never create a dusty of smokey environment
Student severs tendons when xacto knife cuts across his finger Never bring hands close to sharp objects
Student breaks band saw blade and conceals it. Another student is injured by broken blade Never leave broken or damaged tools unreported
Created by: gburrows
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