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aquatic ecosystems

What is aquatic resource conservation? Everyone's responsibility
What kind of aquatic ecosystems do we have? producers, consumers and secondary consumers
What is biodiversity? a number and variety of things living in an environment
What is extinction? when a specific species dies out and there is none left
What is an endangered species? a species that is slowly dying out
What is the biggest threat to aquatic ecosystems? human pollution
What is carrying capacity an ecosystems resource limit
What is competition? The act of actively seeking after and using environmental resource(such as food) in limited supply by two or more plants or animals or kinds of plants and animals
What is a species? A group of individuals sharing some common characteristics or qualities and whose offspring also share those characteristics and qualities
What is adaption? A behavior or trait that increases a species chance of survival in a specific environment
What is sediment? Silt, sand, rocks and other matter carried and deposited by moving water
What is a watershed? All the land from which water drains into a specific body of water
Where does water go when it runs off the street? It flows into ditches and storm drains then dumps directly into streams lakes and wetlands.
How does water temperature effect the amount of oxygen in the water? When it’s too cold the leaves of the plant flatten out and stop photosynthesis
What is conservation? The wise use of natural resources such that their use is sustainable long term
What is the percent of freshwater on earth? 3% fresh water, 0.5% liquid fresh water as 0.0025% availible fresh water
Created by: dmwebb1014