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Geography Chapter 3

Economic Activities: focus on the seocndary sector

Name 2 Irish tourism agencies. Discover Ireland and Failte Ireland
Name 4 things that attract tourists to Ireland. Natural beauty, beaches and coastline, regions offering recreational and sporting facilities and cities
Give an example of natural beauty in Ireland Wicklow Mountains such as Glendalough
Give an example of a recreational/sporting facility in Ireland Golf course, the K Club
What is the top tourist attraction in Ireland? The Guinness Brewery
Give 4 reasons why tourists are attracted to Spain? Over 320 days of sunshine per year, easily accessible by road, rail and sea, there is very little rainfall and there are many resorts built all along the coast
Give 2 benefits of tourism on the Spanish economy Provides jobs in hotels, restaurants, resorts , local people benefit from infrastructure developed for tourists
Give 4 transport links developed because of tourism Road network developed and modernised, E15 toll-free motorway stretches along coast, rail system with train linking major cities called the LAV, Spain’s airports are linked with the tourist industry
Give 4 negative impacts of tourism on Spain High-rise apartments are an eyesore and take away from the natural beauty of an area, sewer systems weren't built to deal with the number of people and leak into sea, employment is seasonal only in summer months, cost of living increases for locals
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