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Activities of Daily Living

How long should you soak a patient’s fingernails before performing nail care? 10–20 minutes Explanation: Nails should be soaked in warm water for 10–20 minutes before cleaning and trimming.
Some patients may have special nail care instructions due to circulatory issues in the hands or feet. Name two diseases that are likely causes of these circulatory issues. Raynaud’s disease and diabetes Explanation: Poor circulation is not a condition in itself; it results from health issues, including Raynaud’s disease and diabetes.
When not in use, where should dentures be stored? In a denture cup filled with clean water Explanation: Storing your dentures in a cup filled with clean water helps prevent damage to the dentures.
When providing mouth care to a patient, which position should they be in? Fowler’s Explanation: Fowler’s is an upright position that helps minimize aspiration.
When feeding a patient, how often should you offer fluids? At minimum, every 3 to 4 bites of food
When shaving a patient, you should always shave in the direction of what? hair growth Explanation: When shaving a patient’s face, you should shave downward; when shaving the neck, you should shave upward.
What is a partial bath? A partial bath occurs in bed. It differs from a complete bed bath in that the patient is able to perform some of the bath himself, and the healthcare worker is only there for assistance.
When is the best time to bathe a patient? When they choose. Explanation: Although this may be inconvenient to the busy schedule of the nursing assistant, patients have the right to choose when and how often they bathe.
What are some ways you can ensure a safe showering experience for your independent patient? Check the water temperature before the patient gets in the shower, make sure the floor is uncluttered and free of slippery substances, ensure the patency of safety rails and chairs, and have all supplies in easy reaching distance of the patient.
What type of tooth brush bristle is considered the universal best choice? soft Explanation: Medium or hard bristle toothbrushes may be considered too irritating for some patients.
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