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Planets Final #2

Test 2 Questions

The Greenhouse Effect is caused by the absorption in the atmosphere of which kind of light? infrared
Hurricanes break apart after making landfall. Why does this happen? Hurricanes lose access to warm, moist air from the ocean anf disintegrate.
Of the three basic mechanisms of heat transfer, which is the least important in transferring heat in the atmosphere and why? conduction; molecules are farther apart
What is the layer of the atmosphere closest to earth? troposphere
What kind of air mass would be characterized by hot, dry air? cT
What condition exists when air low in the atmosphere is warmer than air aloft, resulting in a rising air mass that is warmer than the surrounding environment and continues to rise? absolute instability
Salinity in the ocean is highest in regions where _____________ is high and ________________ is low. evaporation; precipitation
Why is deep-ocean circulation referred to as thermohaline? difference in temperatures and/or salinity cause oceanic deep circulation
What type of plate bundary is associated with deep-ocean trenches? subduction zone
Which of the world's oceans accounts for over half of the surface area of the planet? Pacific Ocean
What is the most important agent of erosion in deserts? water
Which factor(s) drive thermohaline circulation in the ocean basins? temperature and density
Milankovitch cycles are used to explain the cycles of cold and warm climates that characterized the Ice Ages based on: variations in the earth's orbit about the sun and precession of the earth's axis
Where are the deepest parts of the oceans? in trenches
Which oceanic feature would most likely be covered with thick turbidite layers? deep-sea fan at the base of a continental slope
The three main provinces of the ocean floor as we go from the shore towards the middle of the ocean are: continental margin, deep-ocean basin, mid-ocean ridge
How does the glacial budget affect the advance of a glacier? Glaciers advance when the budget is unbalanced and accumulation is greater than wastage
A rainshadow desert forms: in places where mountain ranges act as barriers to the movement of water vapor
Where isotherms are closesr together on a weather map, conditions are: cyclonic; winds and precipitation
Where isotherms are farther apart on a weather map, conditions are: anticyclonic; mild
High pressure system is: anticyclonic
Low pressure system is: cyclonic
About what percentage of Earth's land mass is covered in deserts? 30%
Why are there no glaciers at the North Pole? There is no land at the North Pole
Because the earth is spinning, a wind blowing from south to north in the southern hemisphere would be deflected in which direction? west
What effect do large, continental ice sheets have on ocean levels? lowers them; water is locked up as ice
What generally causes clouds to form? lifting of air
If a cool, dry day was followed by a warm, humid day, you might expect they resulted from what consecutive air masses? continental polar followed by maritime tropical
The chief reason why the equatorial regions are warmer than the polar regions is that: sunlight falls more nearly vertically on the equatorial regions
What is the basic cause of winds? pressure differences
An air mass originating the the Gulf of Mexico should be labeled as: mT
What is the humidity of warm, saturated air? 100%
What substance in the atmosphere currently contributes the most to the greenhouse effect? CO2
When an air mass is forced higher in the atmosphere, it tends to: cool and cause precipitation
What would be evidence that a glacier once covered a given area? hanging valley
Rainfall associated with an advancing cold front is generally: heavy with gusty winds
In a meandering river, erosion is most notable on: the outside of a meander
A moraine is produced by: glaciers
Most caves are formed by the solvent action of groundwater on: limestone
What are the two main constitutes of Earth's atmosphere (in order)? nitrogen and oxygen
How might the origin of a "V" shaped valley differ from that of a "U" shaped valley? the "U" shaped valley was carved by a glacier as opposed to a river
Karst topography is dominated by: sinkholes, caves, and caverns
The ability to carry large particle sizes is most dependent on the streams: velocity
Once warm, moist air is lifted, the buoyancy necessary to maintain its upward flight is provided by: release of latent heat
Weather occurs almost exclusively in which layer of the atmosphere? troposhpere
The main form of heating the troposphere is: IR radiation from the ground
In which layer of the atmosphere is the most ozone found? stratosphere
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